Land Rovers Are Great In Fields. But Not Lamborghini’s.

The driver of this Lamborghini Huracan found out the hard way that 200 mph supercars and adverse weather conditions don’t really mix (if you can’t handle the horses under the bonnet that is).

The driver of this 5.2L V10 supercar lost control of the £200,000 vehicle during inclement weather conditions whilst driving on the M40 this morning (5th December).

In a tweet, Warwickshire Police said:

‘Reduce your speed in poor weather or else you could find yourself in a field instead of the motorway, like this Lamborghini on the M40 this morning! JA’ 

Many people vented their frustration at being caught up in the long traffic jams which were caused following the accident with one person tweeting:

‘thanks mate for causing all of the jams this morning and making my kids late for school! 

‘Don’t speed, it kills! Fool!’

No doubt the driver had a very awkward call with their insurance company.

Whilst many insurers will insist on drivers having experience of driving supercars before they will underwrite the risk, not all of them are so insistent.

Just why you would want to purchase a car that has a top speed of nearly 200mph in a country where the limit is 70mph is beyond me.

Like many people on twitter pointed out, he/she would have been better off with a Land Rover….


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