‘The HCPC Have Recently Announced A Price Hike In Registration Fee’s Of 18%’ | Guest Blog

This blog was sent into us by a follower who is on the thin green line: 

‘The HCPC have recently announced a price hike in registration fee’s of 18%.

While this increase is still hypothetical the potential issues this rise could bring with it are rather concerning.

To put it in to context, and please bare with my mathematical prowess here, an 18% rise will push costs from £180 to around £215.

What concerns me is the way this will further restrict any registrants wages.

What the HCPC aren’t taking into account is the fact that some clinicians are the sole provider for their families, others are single but have mortgages to pay, the cost of living seems to be forever increasing.

With our wages already being spread thinner it leaves me wondering what the increase is being implemented for?

I’d like a more definitive answer rather than the usual “because our costs have increased”.

Is it to fund the ridiculous £17,000 Christmas parties?

Is any of the extra money going to benefit us? If so, how?

The council last raised fee’s in 2015 by 12.5% and before that in 2014 by 5%.

As a member of the thin green line I’m left astounded by a potential increase of 30% in four years.

We have a national shortage of Paramedics in the U.K already and this leaves me thinking that the problem is only going to be exacerbated unnecessarily.

Drip over, stay safe out there ladies and gents.

Merry Christmas,



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