WATCH: Children Play In Mangled Road After HUGE 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck just seven miles north of Anchorage at 8:29am on Friday morning, at a depth of about 27 miles. The earthquake caused power outages, damage to roads and buildings, and closures of schools, businesses and government offices.

On resident was stunned to see that children were playing in between huge sectors of Highway even as aftershocks were hitting the area.

In the footage (below) the concerned resident can be heard to say that the number of children who had turned up at the highway was INCREASING and that some of the children had their parents with them.

There is no official count of casualties yet following the earthquake, but local hospitals reported receiving two patients with life-threatening injuries and dozens of less serious cases, including broken bones, injuries from falls, and lacerations from broken glass. There have been no reported deaths.

This was the largest earthquake to strike near Anchorage since the 2016 M7.1 Iniskin earthquake.

Because this quake was so much closer, the impacts to Anchorage and Mat-Su were far more severe and widespread.

The Anchorage School District asked parents to pick up their children if possible, and students at some schools were moved to other locations that have power.

The strongest aftershock, a magnitude 5.7 just three miles north of Anchorage, struck six minutes after the mainshock.

There have been over 1,400 recorded aftershocks including 17 with magnitudes greater than 4.

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