Met Police Officer Being Dragged Through The Coals For Using ‘Intervention’ Tactic To Stop Fleeing Suspect

A highly-trained Met Police Driver is under investigation after preventing a suspect from evading the police on his motorbike by using a tactical maneuver that ended up with the motorcyclist coming off of his bike.

A decision by the CPS as to whether the officer will face criminal charges is expected to be made in the next few weeks.

The news of this investigation comes at a time when the Met has endorsed the use of this tactic by specially trained advanced drivers who are confronted with often violent and determined suspects who attempt to escape from the police.

The male in question suffered head injuries and a broken foot after failing to stop for the police when required to do so.

The male was NOT wearing a helmet at the time and he later pleaded guilty to a plethora of various offences.

The Officer concerned is understood to be the first to face prosecution after using the tactical maneuver that is often the only way of preventing serious criminals from fleeing from the police.

Often such individuals will take their crash helmets off during a pursuit, owing to the fact that they know that the police will not be ‘allowed’ to continue to pursue them meaning that, in the majority of cases, the suspect will get away.

This situation has led to more and more suspects taking to two wheels simply because they know that they can, in effect, get away with committing whatever crime they choose to become involved in.

The Met adopted the tactic in October owing to the sheer number of violent incidents involving suspects on motorbikes who were able to get away from the police simply by removing their helmets during a pursuit.

Officers have been cautious to use the tactic owing to the fear of their being dragged through the legal system for simply doing their jobs.


The prime minister and home secretary have both supported the tactic but others such as the shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, have expressed concern.

Whenever we have covered this story regarding the use of this tactic by the police, then there is always an overwhelming show of support from the general public in the use of this ‘intervention’ technique when suspects decide to not stop for the police.

The incident happened on November 2017 in Erith, south-east London, not far from the border between the capital and Kent.

The police officer has been interviewed under caution as part of an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IPOC).

The IPOC said it would decide within weeks whether the officer should be referred to the CPS.

The Officer has also been told that he now faces a disciplinary investigation for potential misconduct.

Police Officers, as well as ourselves, will be watching this case closely.

At a time when officers are being asked to put their own safety at risk in order to stop suspects from getting away, then the outcome of this case could mean that officers refuse to use this tactic.

This situation would be a ‘win win’ for anyone thinking about committing a crime who also has access to a motorbike or, as in most cases, simply decides to steal one.

Let’s hope that common sense comes into play and that this officer is not punished for doing a job that he is sworn by the Government to do.

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  • The IoPC need to look at what the public want, and make the right call – NO Charges!!

  • It will be travesty of justice if this Officer faces criminal proceedings. The only person facing criminal proceedings should be the criminal, not an Officer using powers he/she is LEGALLY entitled to use in the course of their duty. These tactics are used to deter these low life parts of society who have no respect for the law or anyone else. The Officer was carrying his/her duty which is to prevent and protect persons and property from harm/loss.

    Get a bloody grip IPOC you are tearing apart one of the most respected if not the MOST respected Police Service in the world!!!!!

  • Tom Payne. old enough to know better.

    The Police Officer SHOULD be congratulated for his quick thinking and ACTION. The guilty idiot MUST be punished, license removed for AT LEAST A YEAR , Plus MADE to Pay NHS for his requirements – his injuries were SELF IMPOSED.

  • As a fully insured and mot rider Theese scooter thieves need removing from society fast in the wirral areas motorcycles are being stolen every day and night by scum the police should be definitely knocking them off regardless if they are getting hurt in the process as they should not be doing what they are doing anyway

  • This officer was only doing his job. He should get the backing of his seniors colleagues. The CPS should come to the right decision, and that is: NO CHARGE, NO DISMISSAL. !!!!!!! This has been the best decisions all Police Forces throughout the country have made regarding these vile criminals who thought they could get away with these crimes.
    No officers should be scared of carrying out their duties if they see a crime being committed, whether this be using the taser, carefully which I’m sure they do knocking them off their scooters or pursuing them on the streets/roads.
    This officer should not be put in a situation whereby he is worried about losing his job or being prosecuted. All the best to this officer and tell him we the public are behind him and wish him well.

  • Christopher Shirley

    Hopefully this will be a landmark case to “set the precedent” in favour of the police officer… and thereby preventing any legal challenge for this occurrence in future.

  • Beware wishing for wanting Police officers to not be held accountable for their actions, used appropriately knocking criminals off is fine, the danger is raising officers above the citizenry they are supposed to be part of and what they can do becoming unquestionable.

  • got hurt running from the police? are we supposed to feel sorry for him? well DIDDUMS! im just gutted he got medical treatment which i had to help pay for and the scumbag probably never contributed to in his life.
    give the cop a medal for using the tactic he was authorised to use despite morons like diane abbott with no sense of reality making it easy for criminals to get away with it too often.

  • IMHO stop the toe-rags by whatever means necessary – including lethal force. They must be taught that actions have consequences. I’d give the officer concerned a commendation. (and maybe a Glock 17 for next time!)

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