When Your ‘BFF’ At Work Is Also Your Dad

Few people get the opportunity to work with their parents. And even fewer people get this unique opportunity if you happen to work in the emergency services.

However, one West Midlands Ambulance Service Student Paramedic gets to work with her Dad, Paramedic Andy Turner as they respond to life-threatening calls on their emergency ambulance.

In a documentary that is due to be shown tonight at 20:00 hours on the W Channel, Emily talks about how life on the thin green line with her dad is a unique experience.

Of course, both Emily and Andy are not immune to the inevitable ‘friction’ and stresses which come with working in an environment such as the emergency services.

But their close relationship means that not only do they work incredibly well as a team, but that they are also able to be there for each other when things get tough.

During the documentary, Emily says: “Everybody always asks me what is it like working with your Dad.

“But he is my best mate and we do get on really well. I know it sounds really cheesy and horrible”.

Emily continued: “[he] does irritate me and I’ sure I irritate [him] as well, but we do get on really well and work together really well.”

During the documentary, Andy says: “It is an interesting one isn’t it, the dynamic of going to see a child, when I’m working with my own daughter”.

Don’t miss tonight’s episode on ‘Inside The Ambulance showing weeknights at 8pm on ‘W’ Sky Channel 109

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