Kind Member Of The Public Offers To Pay For Ambulance Crews Christmas Lunch

The generous trend of kind people buying ambulance crews teas and coffees seems to have no end in sight – which (in our humble opinion) is a good thing!

But now, things have been ramped up a bit after a very generous member of the public gifted £20 to a West Midlands Ambulance Crew.

In a tweet, @RichBrennan said: 

“Such a kind gesture from a member of the public in Birmingham today!

“A massive thank you to them from me and my crewmate!

“Then finished the shift with my first ROSC, overall an amazing day at work!” 

I am not personally sure if the kind people who leave these notes & gifts realise the positive effect that gestures such as these can have on the morale of emergency services personnel.

Coming back to your emergency ambulance to find such a note when you have just finished dealing with a particularly harrowing call, really can uplift your spirits at a time when the pressures and demands of the job at this time of the year are very intense.

If you have ever left one of these notes on an emergency vehicle, then, on behalf of the huge emergency services family, thank you!

Thankfully, the ‘top brass’ at West Midlands Ambulance Service also allow their staff to keep notes such as these.

And rightly so!

If a kind and generous member of the public decides to gift some of their hard-earned cash to a member of the emergency services, then it is only right that such a gift stays with the individuals for whom it was intended.

We are aware of some other Trusts who direct their staff to hand these sort of gifts over – but this intervention only acts to further erode the morale of the men and women on the thin green line.

Whilst there is a clear need to ‘log’ such gratuities within the police force, I cannot see how these gifts could ever be construed as a ‘bribe’ – such is the stance and view when it comes to similar acts of generosity being made to police officers.


Featured Image / Image credit: @RichBrennan / Twitter

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