WATCH: West Mids Police Officer Jumps Into Frigid Canal To Save Woman

West Midlands Police have released some body camera footage of one of its police officers risking his own life to save the life of a woman who was struggling to stay afloat in a canal.

In the footage (below) the woman in the water can been seen struggling to stay afloat whilst located about 15-20 away from the bank of the canal.

The brave officer takes off his stab vest and utility belt and jumps into the freezing water. He then swims over to the casualty and pulls her back to the bank of the canal where his colleagues assist them both out of the water.

As the lady is pulled back to the bank of the canal, you can clearly see that the coldness of the water has meant that she is unable to keep herself afloat.

It is more-than-likely that she could have drowned if it wasn’t for the bravery of this police officer.

In a tweet, West Midlands Police said:

“CANAL DRAMA: One of our courageous cops leapt into the freezing waters of a #Wolverhampton canal this morning to save a woman.

“She was pulled to safety.

“The PC showered, changed into his spare uniform…and got back on patrol! Good work!

This footage is yet another example of the selfless bravery shown by emergency services personnel up-and-down the country on a daily basis.

And remember; if you see a police officer having a break during their shift, then they too could have been saving someone’s life just hours before!

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  • Love all our emergency service workers. We are so lucky to have them. Happy, quiet and safe Christmas and New Year. Xx

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