WATCH: Heroic Member Of The Public Trips Up Male Running With Charity Box

A male who attempted to take a charity box from Hull Paragon Interchange station, has been sent to spend some time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for a total of 16 weeks.

At around 10am on 25 March this year 23-year-old Joshua Starkey walked into a Subway at the station and walked directly over to the tills.

Once at the counter, he then grabbed a charity box which was chained to the tills, pulling it free and causing the cash register to fall to the ground.

Starkey then ran from the shop, with the wires and chains from the British Heart Foundation charity box dangling behind him.

A brave passenger walking along the concourse then saw Starkey running with the charity box and stuck out his foot, resulting in Starkey crashing to the ground and dropping the charity box.

He then ran from the scene without the charity box.

Following enquiries from British Transport Police, Starkey was later identified and was held to account for his deplorable actions.

Starkey was also ordered to pay £85 costs.

PC Paul Hobman from BTP, said:

“A huge congratulations are in order for the courageous member of the public who quite literally stepped in to prevent Starkey from stealing money which was intended for a good cause.

“Starkey’s actions in attempting to steal a charity collection box were disgraceful.”

To the member of public that stepped in, our team here at Emergency Services News applauds you! Whereas many would have just watched, you put yourself in danger to stop Starkey from getting away.

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