WATCH: This Is Why We MUST Back The Police In Battle Against Moped Crime

Conscious of the fact that there might still be people out there who perhaps do not agree with the police being ‘allowed’ to use ‘direct’ measures in order to disrupt suspects who use motorbikes in order to commit their ‘acts’, then we thought that we would share this video (below) with you.

For those who may not yet be aware, the Met Police (London) confirmed last week that they would be authorising specially trained officers to take direct action against anyone suspected of a crime who also uses a motorbike in order to flee from the police.

The vast majority of people fully support and back the police in the use of this tactic.

However, there still hasn’t been any ‘official’ statement from Senior Officers or the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) in relation to ensuring that police officers who do use this tactic, will not face prosecution themselves should the motorcyclist get injured during a pursuit.

Ultimately, regardless of any injuries (or worse) caused to the individuals who do use motorbikes in order to carry out their acts of violence, it is not the fault of the police if it does ‘go wrong’ for the rider of the motorbike.

They, the rider, decided to not stop for the police and decided to take their own life in their own hands by fleeing from the police.

So whatever happens to the rider during the pursuit, then surely it’s down to their own poor decisions?

I am fairly sure that the majority of people will agree with this sentiment.

However, if you are still of the opinion that the police should NOT be ‘allowed’ to use this direct tactic then, after watching the video below, maybe your opinion will change.

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  • I fully agree with the Police being able to stop these scooter riders by any means possible. My only worry is if one of the riders / passengers gets injured would the senior officers back the officer responsible or would they put their head below the parapet as usual.

  • shoot the wankers the terror they bring to the public thats what they deserve

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