‘This Is Not A Part Of The Job’ | Guest Blog

Each day, thousands of nurses go into work in order to help complete strangers. I am not just talking about nurses in this country, I am talking about nurses from all around the world.

The image above, was produced and shared by Queensland Health in Australia.

Proving that, regardless of where in the world you are, nurses are being subjected to abuse, both verbal and physical, on a regular basis.

How sad it is, when we have to share and produce striking images such as the one featured in this article. How shameful is it, that a small section of individuals see nursing staff as ‘legitimate’ targets of their frustration.

Of course the nursing community would love it if there were more hospitals! More specialist departments and less waiting times!

But it is NOT the fault of the nursing community, that you have to wait longer than what you wanted to in a queue to be seen in A&E.

How misguided and how self-entitled must you be, to think that a long queue and a long wait has got anything to do with nursing and medical staff?

And when you see a nurse on a break, then you tut and sigh because ‘how dare they’ have a break from a difficult job that can and does impact the physical and emotional well-being of the men and women who are trying to make a difference.

If you have ever abused a member of the nursing / medical community, then you will no-doubt blame others for your shameful act.

Or you will blame alcohol for your despicable and unacceptable behaviour.

In truth, you have no-one to blame but yourself.

Of course, we understand, that those with mental health conditions are really also a victim of the system, rather than a component that acts to bring the same system to its knees.

But for anyone who makes a conscious decision to abuse a member of the nursing / medical community, then you are a part of the reason as to why the system can and does fail.

There is no excuse. You have no excuse.

If you assault or abuse a nurse or medic, then you do not ever deserve to benefit from the care they dedicate their lives to giving.


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