How One Tweet Summed Up The Feelings Of Millions

Those of us who have worked in the NHS or those of us who have family and friends working in the NHS, probably have, at some point, heard people talking about how ‘c**p’ THEY think the NHS is.

Anyone working in the HUGE NHS Family will know, that the NHS is not c**p.

Instead, SOME elements of the NHS have managers and decision makers who make c**p decisions.

But the people working on the front line are doing a job that is so vital, that if they did not do such a job, then our country would not be able to function.

The following tweet was sent into us this morning by one of our followers and we think that it pretty much sums up the current situation nicely.

For me personally, my mother works in a renal unit, my sister is a midwife and I have another sister who is an EMT. My mother-in-law recently retired after serving for decades as a specialist burns nurse.

When I talk to them about the NHS, spanning a period in time from the late 70’s to the present day, the one thing that always sticks out is the fact that the NHS is expected to do MORE with LESS.

The hospital that my mother-in-law used to work in, shut decades ago. In its place, is a housing estate.

And yet, since she has retired, the population has grown significantly and yet the number of hospitals has not kept pace.

Until Governments start building more hospitals, more A&Es and more specialist departments, the issue will only get worse. It wont get better.

We will see what this winter brings and whether or not senior management and of course the Government has really learned lessons from the last winter crises.


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