Police Having To Battle Complaints Regarding Handcuffs Being ‘Too Tight’

Most people will understand, that the best way of ensuring that you do not get put in handcuffs by the police is by staying out of trouble.

That is not to say that you might get put in handcuffs if you are somehow implicated in an alleged crime whilst the police undertake their enquiries.

But generally speaking, most people only get put in handcuffs if, for example, they are showing signs of threatening/abusive behaviour during an initial investigation, or perhaps they have previous ‘form’ for trying to leg it.

And yet now we learn that a cash-strapped force has been sued FOUR TIMES so far this year, because, apparently, handcuffs were ‘too tight’ once placed on individuals who had been detained.

Handcuffs are NOT designed for comfort (unless you buy them off Ann Summers) so how on earth are people managing to get away with suing the police because handcuffs are ‘too tight’?

If you start to move around too much whilst in handcuffs, then you are effectively changing the position of the cuffs on your wrists, thus making them ‘too tight’ yourself.

In the past three years, Cleveland police received six complaints in relation to the use of handcuffs…Three cases are still on-going and three have been ‘settled’.

The force said the complaints relate to the restraints allegedly being “too tight” or twisted.

Two of the complaints were made by men aged 25 and under and both were settled before legal proceedings started.

Three were made by men aged 41 to 55 years. Two cases are ongoing and one was settled.

Superintendent Dave Sutherland said:

“Use of handcuffs is to protect the public and our officers from harm.

“All officers receive regular training on handcuffing and we record all instances of use.

“Handcuffs are used at thousands of incidents every year and, given the clear criteria governing their use, complaints are rare.”

The worry now is that anyone who has been put into cuffs (outside of the bedroom) will no-doubt take advantage of the fact that this country is starting to look like a ‘compensation cash machine’ where people are being compensated for reasons which defy logic and common sense.

(Featured Image credit: Walesonline / Rob Browne)

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