WATCH: 15-Year-Old Girl Makes Hoax Call About Her Friend ‘Not Breathing’

As a 15-year-old I can imagine that you probably had some odd and bizarre ways of keeping yourself entertained…I know I did.

However, calling the emergency services and pretending that your mate is not breathing was never even considered by me or any of my mates to be a way of passing the time.

But this young girl in Australia, when trying to look for things to do, felt that the best way to keep herself entertained was to call the emergency services and tell them that her friend had stopped breathing having fallen off of her skateboard.

The video below shows how the Emergency Operations Centre staff kept calm and remained professional during the encounter which lasted nearly 15 minutes.

At one point, a communications supervisor speaks to the girl after she is heard laughing as instructions are passed to her in relation to how to carry out chest compressions.

But the young girl then takes offence to the fact that the EOC staff are clearly onto her and she asks the communications supervisor if she can speak to the initial EOC operator who took the call.

Finally, the initial EOC operator calls the girls bluff by asking her if ‘two male paramedics’ had arrived at the scene, when a crew with two females were sent by the control room.

At this point, the young girl hangs up.

If you have teenage children, then we would encourage you to make sure that they understand the serious repercussions of making fake emergency calls.

This sort of call really can and really does put peoples lives at considerable risk.



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