‘There’s Too Much Noise’ – Irate Resident Moans About Sirens

I often use to almost feel sorry for the people who lived on the same street as my old police station. My old Borough (Met Police) was a constant melody of police, ambulance and fire service sirens.

Considering that my old Borough alone probably used to get, on average, around 10-15 999 calls per hour, then not more than a few minutes would go by without an immediate response vehicle dashing out the front of the nick.

But then I would also think to myself that if you decide to live in a busy area like London and if you decide to live on the same street as a police station then what do you expect!?

However, one resident who lives in Benton, Tyneside, has become so agitated with the sound of sirens that he wrote into a local newspaper in order to try and find other disgruntled residents.

The letter said:

‘The amount of sirens from the North East Ambulance Service on Tyneside is getting ridiculous. It is like living in a war zone. 

‘My relatives from Scotland couldn’t believe the amount. They don’t have anywhere near the amount where they live. 

‘These sirens are bad for your health both physically and mentally. Hearing them so regularly affects your wellbeing and adds to stress levels. 

‘Go to other cities in the UK and only parts of London seem as bad for this problem. 

‘Apart from damaging hearing, they are driving me round the bed [sic].

‘Do any other readers agree?’

Without sirens, emergency vehicles would take even longer to get to emergency calls.

And I am sure that if Mr Greene needed the help of the emergency services, then he would want them there right away! Sirens blazing!

I would like to recommend a tip to Mr Greene that I picked up during my time in the armed forces: ear plugs!

Alternatively, ask people not to commit as much crime, have as many accidents or start as many fires as that would lead to a decrease in the amount of 999 calls which the emergency services have to deal with.

Or, just move to a quieter part of town!?

The emergency services don’t use sirens just to keep people awake – they use them in order to get to emergencies quicker!

What do people like Mr Greene expect the emergency services to do!?


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  • So…..
    I worked for many years on the road in Cape Town and our base was the old Christian Barnard hospital in the centre of the city…. There was a lawyer with his practice two blocks down from the base who delighted in raising merry hell when our responses disturbed his legal piece…
    Of course…. Karma is a female dog…. You guessed it…. One memorable afternoon the legal eagle collapsed and guess who got dispatched? 😂
    Never heard another squawk from him… Might have had something to do with saving his lawyer type bottom….
    I so enjoyed the Cpr… 😁

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