WATCH: Civil Enforcement Officer Slaps PARKING TICKET On Marked Police Vehicle

Another day in Britain and yet another video emerges of an over-zealous Civil Enforcement Officer thinking that it would be a ‘good idea’ to slap a parking ticket on a marked police vehicle.

We have just had this video sent into us that shows a Civil Enforcement Officer in Brentwood High Street slapping a parking fine on a police vehicle.

The mind boggles at just why civil enforcement officers cannot get to grips with the simple fact that emergency vehicles are exempt from parking restrictions.

Needless to say that we will be putting a call into Brentwood Council later on today in order to try and find out just why they deem it fit-and-proper to issue parking fines to emergency vehicles.

You would have thought that common sense might of come into play by now and that anyone with a sense of decency would refrain the urge to stick a fine on a police car.

The point to remember here, is that if you had to call 999 and ask for the police if, for example, your house was being broken into, then would you be happy to know that it would take longer for the police to arrive because they have had to run for 5 minutes in order to get back to their police car?

Of course you wouldn’t – anyone with an ounce of common sense can grasp this.

And that is the very simple reason as to why emergency vehicles are exempt from parking restrictions. Because delays cost lives.

Can someone please let this Civil Enforcement Officer know?


A serving Police Officer, who did not want to be named, told us that:

“When we get a ticket, first we have to search for the log book which may be out on the ground being driven by other officers, second we have to find a photocopier which works to copy the page of the log book which shows you as the driver.

“Third, you then have to look through your pocket book to find out what you were doing on said time and day, fourth, you then have to obtain a copy of the CAD, type up a comprehensive explanation, why you where parked in the parking bay, then get it signed by supervisor, sent on to senior supervisor, and then to the issuing council/ authority!

“So I would say if you could get all this right first time, then an hour, hour and a quarter, if you have to run around getting said information then three hours or more, ask the public, is this a good use if police resources!!!!”

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