Male ‘Falls Over’ And Ends Up With His Hand Stuck In Friends Rectum

Out of all of the gigabytes of material which we receive on a daily basis, there’s always two types of content we enjoy sharing the most: videos and screenshots of  bizarre calls which our oppos (colleagues) have to deal with.

As you would expect, we do not know the ‘finer’ details of this particular call; only that someone ended up calling the emergency services because their hand ‘fell’ into their friends bum.

What we do know, however, is that these types of ‘misadventure’ could often end up taking up the valuable resources of the emergency services.

So next time you are running around with your ‘friends’ whilst naked, just remember that you could ‘fall’ into your friends arse and end up having to call the emergency services in order to get your hand removed from your friends rectum.

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