No Driving Licence? No Problem! You Can STILL Launch Your Boat….

Losing your driving licence because you have been up to no good, is probably going to end up meaning that you will no longer be able to enjoy the relative freedoms which come with owning a car.

Take, for example, if you happen to own a boat and you need a car in order to launch and recover the vessel.

Take away the car, then you have to wave goodbye to the boat.

Or at least, that is what tends to happen most of the time.

This chap from Australia, however, had other ideas.

So keen was he to get back onto the water, that he got hold of a mobility scooter and then attempted to tow his boat to the water using the awesome power of this electric machine.

However, lady luck was not looking down on this male as he tried to convey his power boat to the water just as a police car happened to be coming the other way…



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