EXCLUSIVE: Who Has Been Leaving These Generous Notes On SECAMB Emergency Ambulances?

As the only trusted ‘news’ outlet by members of the emergency services / NHS and their supporters, we often get anonymous tip-offs from our colleagues regarding various stories and topics of interest.

Earlier on today, we were contacted by one such anonymous source who told us about a strange phenomenon of not just one, but multiple notes (both written and bank) being left on South East Coast Ambulances (SECAMB) parked outside of the Royal Surrey Hospital.

Our source said:

“This is a photo that was shared on a specific SECAmb page (that staff see) of a kind person leaving a lovely note on the window screens of queueing ambulances at a hospital” 

The specially made note read: 

‘Saving lives every day is a contribution to this country that’s so enormous nothing could ever demonstrate the gratitude that we all feel. 

‘Thank you for your commitment, service and all that you do for all of us. 

‘Coffee & Doughnuts are on us today. 


With each printed note there is a £10 note – and remember, that at least six have been left thus far on ambulances thus far.

When we asked our source about if anyone knew who had been leaving the notes they said:

“Unfortunately not, crews just found them when they came out the hospital after they had off loaded the patients.”

When asked about how many notes had been left, our source said:

“Approx 6 (that I have been told) but not 100% certain of the total figure as some crews had left”.

So who is leaving these generous notes?

Whilst we have seen handwritten notes being left on the windscreens of emergency ambulances (see below), this is the first time we have head of ‘professionally’ made notes being left on a large scale!

We tweeted SECAMB in order to try and find out if they could tell us anymore – but we haven’t heard anything back yet.

Do you know who is behind these notes & gifts?

If so, then get in contact with us so we can potentially make contact with the individual(s) who are leaving them and thank them for their generosity!

At a time when more and more paramedics are leaving the ambulance service (nationally) and at a time when more and more medics are being assaulted, a heartwarming gesture such as this one will surely go a long way!

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