EXCLUSIVE: Emergency Rapid Response Vehicle Given PARKING TICKET Whilst Medic Treated Patient

Although this is not the first time an emergency vehicle has been given a parking ticket by an overzealous Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO), you would have thought that the backlash which these stories tend to attract (against the parking enforcement companies) would have maybe sat in the minds of CEO’s when they are deciding on whether or not to give an emergency vehicle a parking ticket…

However, it would seem that this CEO clearly did not ‘get the Memo’, so to speak, about resisting the urge to issue a fixed penalty notice to an emergency vehicle! In this case, a rapid response vehicle (ambulance). 

The images above were sent into us via our facebook page (Emergency Services Humour) this morning by a follower with the following message:

“Oh dear. Another prime example of zero f__ks given by the motorists friend who we know as ‘them that got turned down by the Police’….

“This is an ex-colleague of mine who isn’t on FB but asked me to share.”

With the image, was a screenshot of the message that had been shared by the recipient of the parking ticket:

“Was on a job, came out and he was issuing a ticket. 

“I said ‘what’s that for?’

“he said: ‘If you were on a shout I wouldn’t give it’. 

“I literally had just come out of a place with all my bags and equipment on. I said ‘I don’t carry this around for fun’. 

“He said ‘you’ll have to dispute it’. 

We are currently trying to track down the ‘authority’ that contracts the firm who this individual works for, as we always do when we hear about instances such as this one, in order to try and find out as to why they think that emergency vehicles are ‘fair game’ when it comes to issuing parking tickets.

As the recipient of the ticket pointed out to the CEO when he found the ticket on his emergency vehicle, he had all of his life-saving gear with him!

So anyone with an ounce of common sense, decency and intelligence would therefore understand that the emergency vehicle had been sent to deal with an emergency!

The firms that are contracted by local authorities to ‘police’ parking restrictions need to start making their staff aware that emergency vehicles are EXEMPT from parking restrictions!

If you know the name of the company that employees this ‘traffic warden’ then please get in touch with us via our Facebook page or email us anonymously:


We will then make contact with them and let you know what they say about it. We are confident in our ability to get the company concerned to ‘see sense’.


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