‘What A Strange World’ – Retired Police Sgt | Guest Blog

This guest blog was sent into us via our Facebook page, Emergency Services Humour: 

‘A few words that came to me after a few.

Retired Sgt Newcastle What a strange world :

When we bestow honours on a coward with impressive words but less than impressive actions.

When we hear of those intent on evil and wrong doing being hurt in their evil actions and save all our venom and blame for those trying to protect us from them.

When to express an alternate opinion from what is acceptable to the vocal minority becomes almost criminal.

When those who chose to fight terrorism are jailed and those who fought and preach in support of terrorism walk the streets of western society without restriction.

When the most vulnerable of society have benefits means tested and stopped by faceless bureaucrats whilst a blind eye is turned to billions of tax avoidance by the most privileged of society.

When sporting icons are paid in a week what those in the public service can only dream of making in a decade.

When politicians of all parties tell us we are here for you yet feast like pigs at the trough whilst the rest of us survive on the scraps.

When those who live a good and honest life are left behind by those who live by no moral code to their fellow man.

When we listen to those who shout loudest and not those who actually have something worth listening to.

When we pander to the most extreme and ridiculous at the expense of what we know to be sense in order to demonstrate our diversity.

When we despise the older generation as bigoted racist fools wrecking our future whilst giving no thought to the sacrifices and hardship they endured as young men and women which allow us the luxury of our criticism.

When fame and fortune is gifted to the talentless and uneducated for no other reason than being talentless and uneducated.

When role models are no longer those exceptional individuals changing the course of history but those who can pout their way round the world with inflated lips and buttocks.

When we are judged on our success in life by how much we own and not how much we have achieved or how many lives we have positively impacted on.

When foreign lands are invaded on lies and young brave lives are lost on a lie perpetuated by dishonest unscrupulous politicians.

When the poor are convinced to support the rich to make them richer and themselves poorer.

When the evil that is racism has been diluted to such a degree that it would appear we are all racist.

It’s a funny old world (That’s red wine for you)’

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