‘Oik’ Who Spat On Police Officer Banged Up For 10 Weeks

Few things are worse than being confronted with someone’s spit spit as it comes hurtling towards you at 100 mph – especially when that person’s spit does not belong to your partner / Tinder date.

And many people, both inside and outside of the emergency services family, have been calling for tougher sentences to be handed down to individuals who do decide to share their bodily fluids with the emergency services, despite not being invited nor asked to.

And of course, we should not forget about police officers serving in the Metropolitan Police who have been told that they are not allowed to use spit hoods on the streets.

Custody staff can use the spit hoods, but not police officers who are on the streets and who are at the highest risk of being spat at by feral and rancid individuals.

We are STILL waiting for the Mayor of London to let us know what he thinks about this ridiculous situation where, for example, British Transport Police officers can use spit hoods but the men and women in the Metropolitan Police cannot.

Some might say, that the Met not being allowed to use spit hoods, is simply because the ‘powers that be’ cannot handle the prospect of citizens being put in spit hoods and being filmed by sovereign citizens before uploading the footage onto social media.

But guess what?

Don’t spit, or threaten to spit, on/at police officers and then you won’t be put in a frigging spit hood! It REALLY is THAT Simple! 

Darren Martin, aged 49 from Buckinghamshire found out what could and what should happen if you do spit on the emergency services by getting banged up for 10 weeks.

Although, to be fair, his sentence was owing to a catalogue of different offences which he pleaded guilty to, including: three counts of criminal damage, two counts of assault by beating, one count of assault on police (the spitting) and one public order offence.

The offences all occurred on 13 and 14 July this year in Keats Close and at Aylesbury police station.

While he was being searched at Aylesbury police station, he spat at a sergeant and then damaged two cells.

Investigating officer PC Martin Day, based at Aylesbury police station, told Mix96.co.uk:

“Darren Martin’s behaviour caused distress to the public who witnessed his crimes.

“When in custody, he went on to spit at a sergeant and defecated in two cells.

“This is totally unacceptable, and Thames Valley Police is committed to addressing this type of behaviour and bringing such offenders in front of the courts.”

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