FREE Pizza & Ice cream For NHS & Emergency Services Personnel!? Let’s Head To Iceland!

We always hear about how grateful, for example, MPs are about the sacrifices which the emergency services and NHS make on a minute-by-minute basis.

But rarely do emergency services personnel get any ‘perks’ for the hard work and dedication to duty that they display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Not that the majority of people in the NHS and emergency services join because they want to get free ‘stuff’ or to be celebrated by MPs; but still, it’s always nice to be acknowledged for the work that you do, right?

But it would seem that Iceland (the store as opposed to the country) have taken upon themselves to recognised the hard work of the emergency services by offering them free ice cream and pizza!

The Mirror reported that: ‘Affordable supermarket Iceland have just launched a very heartwarming new deal, that gives every single NHS and emergency services worker that shows their Iceland NHS bonus card at the till a voucher for free food’.

The offer appears to be open to anyone who has an ’emergency services card’ – so we are assuming (and hoping) that includes: the coastguard, lowland rescue, highlands rescue, volunteer members of the RNLI, independent lifeboats, blood bikers, the police, the fire service and of course the ambulance service who do also come under the NHS.

Whilst it’s a great gesture by Iceland, we do worry that our oppos might overindulge on the offer and could end up needing to get a bariatric bus to work!

However, for the health conscious amongst you, we cannot find any reference to any ‘healthy foods’ being included, but then, having said that, a frozen salad is bound to taste pretty awful.

The report in The Mirror added further that ‘Alongside your usual shopping receipt you’ll get two bonus ones, with each one giving you a free Iceland pizza, and a free Iceland ice-cream, each worth £1 each, as long as you’ve swiped your NHS bonus card.’

It would seem that there’s a plethora of pro-emergency services and pro-NHS companies willing to acknowledge the job that is done by the men and women of the NHS and emergency services.

It’s just a shame that this sentiment is not shared by politicians who LOVE to tell us how great we are, but are loath to do anything other than share a few statements when the s__t hits the fan!

Maybe, and this is just a personal thought, the NHS would also get more people applying to join the organisation if, rather than in their current advert where they talk about ‘doing the rounds’ and ‘making cups of tea’, if they instead shared the everyday lifesaving stories experienced by the men and women of the NHS,  then it would paint a truer reflection of just how truly amazing the NHS are.

We all love a freebie, but I think that our NHS & emergency services deserve more than free pizza and ice-cream. Nice gesture though!

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