VIDEO: Male In Hull City Centre Attempts To Set Fire To TWO BANKS Whilst Armed With a Machete

The emergency services descended on Hull City Centre this afternoon after a male armed with what appeared to be a machete tried to set fire to two banks whilst shocked staff and members of the public trapped inside the banks looked on in horror.

In a video shared on social media just over two hours ago, that has since had nearly 400,000 views, the male could be seen pouring what is believed to be petrol into branches of Santander and Barclays before setting them alight.

As police officers arrived while the incident was still unfolding, the male could still be seen inside of one of the banks still attempting to set the banks on fire.

Frightened & hysterical staff clearly traumatised by what what unfolding in front of them, could be heard screaming as the police quickly contained the male and led the bank staff and customers to safety.

Once the bank staff and members of the public were cleared out of the building, with just the suspect remaining inside, additional officers ran into the bank in order to try and subdue the male.

However, the male then brandished a machete at the officers before running towards them. It is not known as to whether or not the first officers on scene were armed with tazers, but owing to the fact that petrol had been used, then deploying tazers would have potentially ignited the entire room.

At this point in time, armed officers had yet to arrive on scene as the unarmed officers gave chase to the male as he ran towards the Hull Paragon Interchange.

Hull Paragon has been shut off with the city centre “on lockdown”.

A huge cordon remains in place in the Queen Victoria Square and King Edward Street areas.

Hull Police released a statement shortly after the male was arrested:

‘Officers were called to Hull city centre this afternoon to a report that a man was carrying a bladed weapon and a container with liquid in thought to be petrol.

‘The man had entered two banks on King Edward Street around 1pm and set fire to some of the liquid.

‘A number of officers quickly attended along with fire crews and a small blaze was put out.

‘The situation was contained very quickly by police and emergency crews and the man was arrested at Paragon Interchange. The suspect is now in custody. No one has been seriously injured.

‘The public are advised to avoid the area while our investigations continue.

Chief Superintendent Phill Ward, North Bank Commander, said:

“We are mindful of the public’s concern that these types of incidents may be related to terrorism, however there is nothing to suggest that this is anything other than an isolated incident which has been dealt with promptly by the responding police and emergency services.

“I want to offer reassurance that our priority at all times is the safety of the public.”

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  • Chief Superintendent Phill Ward, North Bank Commander, said:

    “We are mindful of the public’s concern that these types of incidents may be related to terrorism, however there is nothing to suggest that this is anything other than an isolated incident which has been dealt with promptly by the responding police and emergency services.”

    The ‘PUBLIC’ however are starting to see through the standard ‘mental illness’ and ‘not linked to terrorism’ responses and question just who’s telling the truth, lone wolf attacks are by definition isolated incidents…

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