EXCLUSIVE: We Speak To The Mystery Note Leaver Who Left £10 For Unsuspecting Paramedics

If you are not in the emergency services family, or if you are not a supporter of the emergency services, then you probably would not have heard about a bizarre trend that seems to be doing the rounds recently.

It basically entails disgruntled residents leaving rude and obnoxious messages on emergency ambulances whilst their crews battle to try and save the lives of people in serious need of medical help.

In a nutshell, neighbours of patients who are being treated by medic’s are becoming so incensed by the fact that the ambulance DARED to park on, or near, their drives/parking spaces, that the only way they can cope with the thought of being temporarily inconvenienced is to put pen to paper.

Often, the messages are worded in such a way so as to make you think that they have been written by a toddler who is high on ‘fruit shoots’.

Some of the note-leavers even come with ‘diagrams’ offering ‘advice’ on how blue-light trained response drivers should park their massive ambulances, prior to attending to a patient who might be fighting for their life in a nearby property.

This highly insensitive and incredibly selfish ‘habit’ seems to have no end in sight, as more and more inconsiderate people are emerging from their murky worlds in order to share their negative energy with as many good-willed people as possible.

A few days ago, a post surfaced on the ‘interweb’ of someone who appeared to have left a note on the windscreen of an ambulance that said:

“Hi Guys,

Take as long as you need and get a coffee when you are  done”.

Next to the note, was what appeared to be, a rather crisp £10 note.

It made us think, that perhaps this was a ‘sign’ to would-be numpties who are thinking about leaving notes on emergency vehicles as opposed to being a gesture of good will…

Everyone here at ‘Emergency Services Humour’ and ‘Emergency Services News’ has served in the emergency services and after a few years on the front line you develop what can only be described as a ‘bullshit’ radar.

Well, the echo being given off by this ‘gesture’ was returning a massive target on the aforementioned bullshit radar.

So, using our vast network of underground contacts, we did some digging around and delving and found out the truth regarding the note and accompanying £10.

The person who left the note, is a chap called Simon Harris.

He left the note, as we suspected, in order to try and prove a point – which most rational people will be able to relate to.

Basically, the sentiment was ‘stop being a numpty and stop leaving shitty notes on emergency ambulances! Why not instead, leave a gesture of good will’.

Mr Harris added further:

“I created the image to fight the awful narrative in the media at the moment about nasty ambulance messages – I wanted something nice to go viral.

“Also, I want to encourage people to maybe extend this sort of kindness to hard-pressed paramedics in the future.”

So, there we have it – if you thought that the note and £10 were too good to be true, then they were.

However, should you decide to leave a nice note on an emergency ambulance that is parked up whilst its crew potentially save someone’s life, then good on you!

We would not really recommend leaving any cash on the windscreen though as there are too many scroats around who would quite happily nick it.

Mr Harris also further clarified that the note and the £10 were both placed on his own car, a Vauxhall Zafira – which apparently also occasionally doubles up as a non-emergency ambulance…

Pic Credit: Simon Harris – Facebook





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