RNLI Called To Help With A Collision Between A Catamaran And A 2,000 Ton Cargo Vessel In The English Channel

No-one was seriously injured in the incident – but the outcome could have been far worse

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Not many people who live away from the coast realise that the English Channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the World.

Whilst collisions in the channel are quite rare, when they do happen then the Coastguard and RNLI spring into action, providing emergency help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whilst the Coastguard is funded by the Government, the RNLI is funded entirely by charitable donations, as are the independent lifeboats which are dotted around the Country.

At 0410 hours on Wednesday 8th August, the RNLI were requested to assist with a collision in the English Channel.

The RNLI said:

“The RNLI Shannon class lifeboat 13-02 “The Morrell’ under the command of Coxswain Stuart Adams arrived on scene to see the mast from the catamaran entangled with the ship.

“Coxswain Adams put two of his volunteer crew-members aboard the casualty to establish everyone was accounted for and no one had any injuries.

“With the help of two crew from the cargo vessel, the two RNLI volunteers managed to untangle and separate the two vessels.


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“After the crew’s assessment of the catamaran and the well-being of her passengers, Coxswain Adams decided to bring the casualty around Dungeness point and transferred two more lifeboat crew onto the stricken vessel to secure the two hulls of the catamaran together, making it safer for the casualty to be towed to Dover Harbour, where it was safely moored on the visitors pontoon.

“Coxswain Adams said ‘the two occupants on the catamaran had been through a traumatic experience and apart from being shaken up, escaped without any injuries and together with our RNLI volunteer crew worked hard to save the vessel’

“On returning to Dungeness but before re-carriaging, Dover Coastguard tasked the RNLI lifeboat to another incident of an EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon) 11 mile south of the Dungeness Point.

“Once on scene Coxswain Adams and his volunteer crew conducted an expanding box search to cover the area.

“After an extensive search nothing was found and the RNLI lifeboat was released and returned to station.

The Shannon Class All-Weather Lifeboat is the latest lifeboat to be added to the RNLI’s impressive fleet.

The costs of each Lifeboat is around £3.2 million.

Featured picture credit: RNLI / volunteer crew member Jon Morgan


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