Police In Shropshire Called As Angry GOAT Chases Women UP TREES In Telford

Two PCSO’s were sent to the location in order to help the stranded women

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Animal-loving visitors to a nature reserve in Donnington had to be ‘rescued’ after they were chased by an agitated goat, forcing them to climb up trees in order to escape the ‘beast’.

Flustered patrons called 999 in order to request the assistance of Police after two women in their late teens asked for help.

West Mercia Police told the Shropshire Star that a ‘large, angry animal’ was pushing the girls and was apparently trying to knock them over at Granville Country Park in Donnington.

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The nimble women managed to climb some trees in order to evade the clearly angry goat.

It is not known what the women who called the Police expected the Police to do, as Police Officers tend not to receive any training when it comes to ‘animal wrangling’.

PCSO’s Merrick Liston and Jess Yarnall however were sent to the scene in order to help the girls and, we assume, have words with the goat!?

West Mercia Police confirmed that neither the women nor the goat were harmed but they could no prevent the goat from eating one of the women’s handbags.



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