Police Dog Overdoses On Heroin

The quick actions of a fellow dog handler undoubtedly saved the dogs life

Thursday 9th August | by Cop(ex) | @ES_Humour  

A drugs dog needed life-saving help after she accidentally consumed a huge dose of heroin as she was searching for drugs in a US Prison

The specially trained dog, ‘Abbie’ and her handler Eliseo Ramos were conducting a routine search at Clackamas County jail, in Oregon, on Tuesday.

As she was searching prisoners, she detected some drugs which had been hidden by a prisoner and alerted her handler.

The container that had the heroin in it was placed on an adjacent table but was knocked off and Abbie inadvertently ingested the drug.

The dog began salivating and panting as her head started to shake.

A fellow dog handler, Deputy McGlothin, immediately gave Abbie a shot of Narcan, a drug used when people overdose on the addictive drug.


The narcan was squirted up Abbie’s nose and immediately stabilised her while she was transported to the vet for urgent treatment.

A post on the Clackama County Sheriffs Office said:

“Fortunately, K9 Grimm’s handler Deputy McGlothin was able to deliver a special Narcan kit for dogs nasally to K9 Abbie.

Narcan contains nalaxone — a reversal drug for overdoses on opioids such as heroin, fentanyl and carfentanil.

Thanks to generous public donations, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office K9 teamwas recently able to purchase six Narcan kits for the unit’s dogs

Abbie was held overnight by the Vets and released the next morning.

• Handler: Deputy E. Ramos
• Breed: Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd
• Specialties: Narcotic detection
• Favorite toy: Tennis ball
• Birthday: March 15, 2016
• Birthplace: The Netherlands
• Language: Dutch
• Began service: April 2018″


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