Cops Spotted Boarding A Super Yacht Moored in Bristol Spark Fears Of Police Officers Being Smuggled OUT Of The Country

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Police officers have been spotted by members of the public climbing aboard the super yacht ‘Archimedes’

Wednesday 8th August | by Cop(ex) | @ES_Humour  

Earlier on today, our attention was drawn to a news story being in reported in the civilian press regarding some Avon & Somerset Police Officers being spotted climbing aboard a £75 million super yacht belonging to the America billionaire James Simons.

An article published on the ‘Bristol Live’ website raised some questions in relation to why the Police Officers might be on the mega-yacht.

According to ‘Bristol Live’ a spokesman for Avon and Somerset Constabulary said:

“Two neighbourhood officers, aware a super yacht was mooring in their beat outside M-Shed in Bristol Harbour was likely to attract significant public attention, carried out a short community engagement meeting with the crew.

“They temporarily parked in the nearest bay while on this operational duty.”

However, I reckon that maybe our American cousins are perhaps trying to smuggle our underpaid and overworked Police Officers into the United States because, in America, most Police Departments pay their Officers well and they tend to have enough of them to actually do the job.

Unlike in this country where Police Officers are underpaid, overworked and are constantly ridiculed by some sections of the civilian press who have a grudge against the Police – all 130,000 of them (not ‘Bristol Live’ by the way).

I think that our boys and girls in blue have finally had enough of the way that they are treated in this country and are looking novel for ways to be smuggled into America.


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We already know, based on a poll carried out by the Police Federation of England & Wales, that our overworked Coppers are struggling to keep on top of the mountains upon mountains of paperwork which is intended to keep those who are obsessed with ‘political correctness’ happy.

In order to prevent this potential mass-exodus of our Police Officers which would leave the streets of England & Wales looking like a war zone, we would recommend to the Government that they actually give our Police Officers a pay-rise, ‘undo’ the savage cuts which Police Forces up-and-down the country have been subjected to and allow our Police Oppos to spend more time with their family and friends.

It might also help if some sections of the civilian press, obsessed with belittling our Police Officers because of shady events from within some sections of the civilian press which the Police were forced to investigate several years ago, cease their campaign of trying to undermine and undervalue the vital role that our Police play in keeping society functioning.

Of course, I might be wrong and it could turn out that the Officers who were spotted aboard the super yacht were actually just trying to ‘engage’ with the crew rather than becoming stowaways aboard the luxury ‘floating penthouse’.

As the Police Officers concerned have not consented to their pictures being shared in public, we wont share the images of them aboard the super yacht here.

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