Following A Heart-Felt Message From An Ambulance Control Room Colleague, We Say: STOP ABUSING 999 Staff!

The Ambulance Control Room staff-member concerned had to endure ten minutes of abuse from a member of the public during a 999 call.

Wednesday 8th August | by Cop(ex) | @ES_Humour  

Most decent people will appreciate the fact that 999 control room staff (Emergency Operation Centres) are here to HELP you during what could be your darkest moments.

Whether you are calling 999 because you have just seen someone getting stabbed or shot, or you are calling 999 because a house is on fire, someone has broken into your property, you can see a boat off of the coast that is on fire, or your loved-one hasn’t come back from their mountain walk, then MOST people will appreciate the help at the end of the line.

Often, during what could be the most stressful moments of your life, the calm and professional voice at the other end of the line can provide some much-needed re-assurance.

Not only are 999 control room staff highly trained in ensuring that you get the help that you need, they are also trained to give you advice that could save a life.

This is just one of the reasons as to why it is vital that you listen to the advice being given, should you ever need to call 999.

To assume that you might potentially ‘know better’ than the 999 control room staff who you are talking to is an incredibly dangerous conclusion to draw.

Dangerous because, should you decide to ignore the advice being given to you during the call, then you could end up making a dangerous situation far worse.

With the aforementioned in mind, you can imagine how deeply disturbed our team was when we were sent a copy of a post regarding a 999 control room staff member who had been abused to such a degree, that she had to take some time out in order to recover from the call.

In a heart-felt post, the Ambulance Control Hub staff member wrote:


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“this ones a bit raw…

“Remember when you call the emergency services, there are real people on the end of a phone.

“Yes we may be screen driven.

“yes its frustrating as a caller to answer questions (I have had to call myself a number of times) but please have some patience with us, the questions are asked to get the best help for you.

“Screaming, shouting and cursing does not help.

“It makes it harder for us to help you.

“We don’t do it for the money…we do it because we care.

“My panda eyes are the result of 10 minutes of abuse, with me practically pleading for them to listen to me.

“The caller advised she would put in a formal complaint about me because I asked her questions and asked her to listen to me.

“All the while I’m trying to give vital advice to help someone.

“Please have some respect, we are human beings with our own problems just trying to do some good in the world and help people”.

The post included a picture of the 999 control room staff member which showed just how upset she was as a result of the abusive call.

If you are reading this and you believe that such abused is ‘part of the job’ then please spend a few moments thinking about how you would cope, emotionally, with, one minute hearing someone plea for help because their loved-one has stopped breathing to, in the next call, getting abused down the phone for ten minutes!

It is a disgrace to think that some individuals out there believe that they have a ‘right’ to abuse 999 control room staff.

You DO NOT have a right to abuse the men and women who dedicate their lives to trying to help people in their times of utmost need.

Whilst yes, events which necessitate you having to call 999 can be stressful, surely most people understand that the men and women who staff Emergency Operations Control rooms 24/7 365 days a year are there to HELP YOU!

LISTEN to the advice that is being given; if you lose your temper, then how do you expect the person at the other end of the phone to be able to help you!?

We really hope that the 999 control room staff member who shared the post to which this article refers really gets support from her bosses rather than being dragged through the coals.

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