East Of England Ambulance Bosses Appeal For Help After One Of Their Ambulances Was ATTACKED With ROCKS

The crew and patient onboard the ambulance were unharmed in the incident that has outraged the Emergency Services Family

Tuesday 7th August | by Cop(ex) | @ES_Humour  

Bosses at East of England Ambulance Service have appealed for help in trying to track down the individual(s) responsible for attacking one of their vehicles with rocks.

According to an article shared on their website:

“Ambulance bosses appealing for help when a patient transport service (PTS) vehicle was attacked, with a patient still inside.

“At around 10.50pm last night (2nd August) a non-emergency patient was being transported back to their home, when a rock was thrown through the rear window.

“The rock just missed the patient but showered the crew in glass, however all involved were uninjured.”

Graeme Toliday, Interim General Manager, said:


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“It’s horrible to think that someone felt it okay to behave in such a violent way.

“Our staff and the patient are physically unharmed however it was a terrible experience for them.

“The vehicle is now off the road for a period of time waiting to be repaired.”

Russell Glenister, Inspector for Bedfordshire Police, said:

“Attacking an ambulance service vehicle under any circumstances is appalling and we are glad to hear that both the members of staff and the patient were unharmed.

“We would urge anyone who has any information about this incident to come forward, by calling 101 or via the report page on our website, quoting reference 4015792-18.”

It was only by sheer chance that no-one was seriously injured as the rock smashed through the back window of the ambulance.

This senseless attack is completely outrageous and highlights a worrying trend of our emergency services being deliberately targeted by mindless thugs who show a complete lack of respect for the brave men and women who serve in the emergency services & NHS.

We have been sharing stories over the last few months about emergency services personnel, from each of the services, who have been assaulted whilst on duty.

A quick browse through our archives using the ‘assaulted on duty’ hashtag will highlight just how often our emergency services are being assaulted and abused.

What does not help, is the fact that some sections of the civilian press make a point of sharing sensationalised stories which belittle our emergency services.

What on earth would motivate anyone to decide to try and undermine our emergency services?

Let us hope that the buffoon who threw this rock at the ambulance is caught ASAP and is brought before the Courts!

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