We Speak To Euro Parking Services About The Parking Tickets Issued To Two Emergency Ambulances And Here’s Their Response:

Euro Parking Services said that they were ‘deeply upset’ by what had happened and offered their sincere apologies to the Medic’s involved

Tuesday 24th July | by Cop(ex) | Connect with us on Twitter   


Yesterday evening, we shared a video that had been sent into us of a parking enforcement contractor, Euro Parking Services Ltd, issuing TWO emergency ambulances with parking tickets.

The video has been viewed nearly 300,000 times in under 12 hours and the vast majority of people who have left comments on the video are, quite rightly, appalled at the fact that anyone would deem it right and proper to issue a parking ticket to an emergency vehicle, not least to an emergency ambulance.

The two emergency ambulances from North West Ambulance Service, had stopped in a Tesco Carpark at the Kingsmead Estate in Northwich, Cheshire.

One of the crews had been on shift since 0700 that morning and at 1500, had just been given permission to have a quick meal break via their Control Room.

However, the parking warden concerned told the emergency ambulance crews that they had “parked on double yellow lines” and was therefore adamant that they should receive the penalty charge notices.

The ambulance crews tried to politely explain to the parking warden that one of his colleagues had previously told the local ambulance service that they could park where they had stopped, in order to pick up some food and water etc.


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In reply, the parking warden said “it’s my first time here”.

A member of the public, who filmed the incident as it unfolded was clearly disgusted with the actions of the parking warden but in defiance, the parking warden asked “yeah, but are they on-call?” – “are their sirens sounding”….

He continued: “if they were on a call, then thats fine – but they can’t be parked on a double yellow line”.

One of our Admins, ‘Cop(ex)’, called Euro Parking Services this morning to explain that we would be publishing this article and to give them a chance to respond to the huge amount of support that has been forthcoming for the Ambulance Service.

Adrian Nesbitt, HR Manager at Euro Parking Services Ltd, explained to us that they were “deeply upset” by what had happened and that the ticket SHOULD NOT have been issued in the first place as Euro Parking Services fully “understands” the enormous pressures which the emergency services are put under – not least their time restraints whilst on duty in relation to grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Mr Nesbitt stated that this incident had “highlighted an urgent review” of “internal processes” in relation to how its staff deal with emergency vehicles which are parked outside of designated parking bays in the car parks for which Euro Parking Services have responsibility.

Mr Nesbitt, who has only recently joined the company, continued that Euro Parking Services was “deeply saddened” by what had happened and that they would introduce urgent and “rigours training” to ensure that this sort of situation does not happen again.


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Mr Nesbitt explained that giving tickets to emergency vehicles is “not what they are about” and that the tickets had been cancelled “with immediate effect”.

He  continued that Euro Parking Services’ staff are encouraged to “use their discretion” but that, in any event, no parking tickets should be issued to any emergency vehicles.

Mr Nesbitt mentioned to me that he himself had recently required the help of the emergency services and that he is passionate about supporting the emergency services rather than penalising them for minor parking infractions.

Mr Nesbitt also said that the firms Managing Director was also “deeply saddened” by this incident and that they would be making a donation to a suitable Ambulance Charity.



Having spoken at length with Adrian Nesbitt for around 15 minutes this morning (25th July), he was clearly upset and saddened by what had happened.

Having spent a number of years on the streets as a 999 response team officer, you tend to get a feeling as to when people are being genuine and when they aren’t – and Mr Nesbitt was being genuine.

Indeed, he sounded mortified by the actions of the Euro Parking Services parking warden involved and confirmed to me that the male concerned would be given urgent training and additional input in relation to the lessons which had been learnt as a result of what happened.

Mr Nesbitt also mentioned to me, that he hoped that other parking contractors would learn from this incident and would refrain from issuing parking tickets to emergency vehicles – whether they are on a break, or indeed dealing with a call.

The point to take on board here, is that emergency vehicles should not be expected to waste their time looking for parking spaces because, when a 999 call comes in, then the additional time that it will take for the crews to run back to their vehicles could mean the difference between life and death.

Having chatted to Adrian Nesbitt from Euro Parking Services, I can 100% say with full confidence that they are a staunch supporter of the the emergency services.

It is clear that they do not support the actions of the staff member concerned in this particular incident and that they are going to do everything they can to ensure that a similar incident does not happen again.

Mr Nesbitt also said that Euro Parking Services would make a donation to an Ambulance Charity – www.theasc.org.uk would be an ideal beneficiary from such a gesture of good will or maybe the North West Air Ambulance Charity – https://nwaa.net/ or perhaps the North West Ambulance service Charity


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  • His first time there? Fire him. Clearly he’s an arsehole. Don’t give him a second change he needs it be taught a lesson. If he doesn’t understand that if they are in uniform and professional vehicles they are on call at all times. If they are called and need blue light then stop for water they could have just missed the chance to save a life. This arsehole should be fired. Common sense in a job like that and he has none.

  • U should give a labelled striker what says emergency veacals can park any where and on dubble yellow lines then no nobheads who work for parking fines can do a shit job get on to this and may be your job will be better

  • So parking attendants now have an even worse name. What an absolute disgrace. Out of order. What A power crazy little man he was. I hope he is so very proud of himself for this

  • I did not see ticket machine also I have done this work where is his uniform la cap is not uniform and when I worked I was told need to have whole uniform on before you can even think about giving a ticket

    • There is no ticket machine

    • I think that may be a little confusion with the restrictions on ‘uniform’ strictly interpreted by the criminal court i.e. in the application of breath tests. I assume that the instant case is within a ‘civil’ process and suspect that the interpretation of ‘in uniform’ will not be so strictly applied as the standart of proof of the evidence is the civil standard – IN THE BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES and not he criminal stardard of BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. I admit, however, that, I have no knowledge of precedents set by the civil court I merely offer this suggestion for debate.

  • I think he should be sacked. Clearly he has no concept of the work of the emergency services and for that lack of knowledge he should not be put into any position of responsibility.

  • To be fair to the warden concerned without proper guidance and training he’s just going his job. Personally I think it’s the culture in the company that’s 100% to blame and they’re backpedalling furiously to get away from a PR disaster.

  • The Odious Idiot knew what he was doing and should have been sacked for doing it. This Nesbitt may appreciate our emergency services, but the company he works for obviously doesn’t, or else the instructions in the training manual would have clearly said “ Don’t give tickets to emergency services” but I bet they give commission for tickets written! 😡😡😡

  • Or perhaps a donation to the charity of the ambulance service that they work for???


  • Bloody Private Parking Firms are nothing but legalised Thieves anyway! A Double Yellow Line on private land means absolutely nothing – the ‘Parking Tickets they issue are actually Invoices that they hope will be paid because of the bullying letters they send out – again – legalised Obtaining Money with Menaces. The whole Cowboy Parking Industry is unregulated and should be banned! These are the same Bastards that ‘fine’ Nurses and Doctors for parking at Hospitals!

    • Bang out of order Paul, “Private land is just that – Private they can do as they wish with it .
      You could rent out your driveway during your working hours, when you are not using it (yea people do that) but if the wrong person uses it and/or does not pay up yes – even an ambulance parking there for house after house when you want to park there – what would you do ? are you going to park on the road and risk getting a ticket ? are you going to pass your fine onto whomever parked in your driveway too long etc?

    • That’s absolute rubbish!!! I followed this advice and I ended up with double the fine and a court summons!!!!!

  • First time job? Huh! I noticed that the uniform are not properly and using different cap/hat? Should be fully training course first before he did not fully knowledge about do that and not do that rules! Go back to fully training and do assessment first before starting job!

    The private parking company are greedy. Two years ago I parked disabled bay at Torquay in private land next to marine. I was escorted two disabled person – Deafblind and cannot walk well person.I cannot see the small print on pay machine and I thought it was free. But no. Only free parking for ONLY one hour!

  • Having seen this video I couldn’t believe what I saw credit to the person recording the incident. But I am of the same opinion as most comments here clearly the parking attendant either has not received proper training from the company he works for or he has not been told to use his own common sense given the situation he found himself in ? Anyone with a forward facing role should undergo compulsory basic training and then be licensed like people who work in the S.I.A (Security industry Authority). The 3 emergency services are under enough pressure to do what they have to do on a daily basis and dealing with issues such as this is quite frankly madness.

  • Boy you lot sure have got it wrong- – we are not excempt from parking restrictions unless we are ACTIVELY attending an incident,this crew was not attending an incident and should not have parked there .As for the crew member saying about if the attendant ever needs a ambulance well i say she is bang out of order cos what would she do if the attendant needed a ambulance and she turned up,would she treat him ??yes of course she would,treat him any different to any other patient?? No she would’nt so why say that in the first place,been in the service a long time so i know what i am talking about,yes a little word from the parking attendant to ask the crew to move would have made more sense,but i would’nt expect him to tell me how to do my job so i wont tell him how to do his.As for parking closer to the store in case a call comes in,and those extra few minutes might make a difference ,then maybe there should be designated parking areas right outside every store for emegency vehicles,like thats gonna happen,move on people snd leave the poor fella alone

    • why is your comment anonymous. this government website doesnt say you have to beactively attending https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/exemptions-parking-restrictions. if the poor fellas a dick then he deserves the stick.

    • Why are you posting as Anonymous. i don’t believe for one moment that you are, of have ever been a member of the emergency services.

    • You idiot

    • Mr Anon 🙂 I totally agree with every single word you have correctly said, from the Attendant only doing the Job he was told/ instructed to do, And yes the boss of the company looks like he is trying to find a light in the darkness of what his company has done for years, only after this uproar does it look like it might change, The Crew member should also be reprimanded for those words, taking and speaking a personal view which is reflecting what all NHS might do is bang out of order, and effectively she has said she will not help any Traffic warden if they need medical attention. Medical staff have to attend to any human it does not matter if they are Bombers, paedophiles, or Hedgehog crisp eaters, our medical profession have their own code and ethics of practice.

      Parking spaces that could be utilized are the disabled one/s on the right of the video where one Ambulance parked, again “If” the spaces are empty, or change at least one to reserved for emergency services/ reserved parking.

    • Twat

    • Dave from Horndean

      Don’t tell me … you want a change of career and want to become a traffic warden !

  • That’s what u get for hiring idiots to do the job..were they even from London ?

  • Our crews won’t see any of these donations. Would be nice if they sent vouchers to Northwich station to provide our crews with something to eat in the short meal break that they get. They were the ones abused so why not show them how sorry they are as a company.


  • minor parking infraction!!! there isnt any infraction as Emergency vehicles are permitted to stop on all waiting restrictions so in effect they are authorised.

  • Needs to be Retrained and an arm around shoulder and explain to him

  • The guy who issued the ticket is doing so to keep his job. He is not a nobhead, he is a victim of years of Tory rule that means people ear for their jobs. Anyone calling him is a sheep. The fella who took the video? Now he IS a nobhead because all of this was nothing to do with him. And by the way, how many of you haters just don’t like the fella because he is a bit darker than you?

    • Dave from Horndean

      Gary although I don’t know you I’m happily calling you the knobgead here particularly with the suggestion about the colour of his skin !!!!

  • Sack the traffic warden !! Is an LA hat part of your uniform? Dismissal for not being dressed appropriate for work #buyanambulancepersonlunchandacooldrink #theyareheros

  • I saw the post about the warden ticket man and I think he’s an absolute idiot he could of just got on with his day I think he should of been straight up sacked I think you need to learn your “new comers”
    protercall and respect for emergency services

  • I saw this shortly after it had been posted , and have just read Adrian nesbitts response, which if I’m being honest , probably isn’t genuine , the reason I say this is that companies like euro parking services , like many others , seemingly train staff to get as many tickets as they can , they don’t use discretion, as my partner once got a ticket for parking for only a few minutes , whilst having a massive sneezing fit , and he obviously needed to blow his nose and sort himself out, this was all explained to the said company , but they weren’t interested also where he’d parked was causing no obstruction
    , Ive also heard similar things where people have had mitigating circumstances and still the parking fine has been endorsed , I suspect the enforcing officer here had training and it comprised of if not in a bay apply a ticket. And if on double yellows apply a ticket , no discretion required, as that would decrease our revenue !! And let’s be honest , that’s what the world is now, it’s all about profits and money.

  • Charles Faulkner

    I trust that parking warden will be suitably reassigned to a local jobcentre so that he can find something else to do, like taking a role as the grim reaper. Miserable git.

  • Stunned at all the negative and downright nasty comments towards the ticket warden, guys just doing his job. The ambulances were out of order by parking where they parked, lots of spaces in the car park. If name calling is needed then the person doing the videoing is the twat here. How many of you “self righteous” commenters would like a camera in your face when doing a job, where, by the nature of the job i.e. law enforcer, you are always a bad ass. If it were a copper in a large van would you still be shouting “sack him”, doubt it. Double standards and mob driven mindless media rule.

  • That’s right! Put the blame on your employee! I bet he would have been disciplined or even sacked if he hadn’t issued the tickets and his supervisor had seen. Euro Car Parks is a terrible company – the employees have a high turnover are on minimum wage and the only opportunity to increase it is by issuing tickets. We had the scams from Wheel Clamping which the government needed to stop, now we have these cowboy Parking Operators who can’t even abide by their own industry’s Code of Practice. The Government should raise this issue in the Commons on their return in September and ban Private Parking Contractors from issuing any penalty notices whatsoever.

  • The tickets were invalid anyway. Uniformed wardens must wear FULL uniform. LA Lakers headgear is not part of any UK company’s uniform.

    • So now we command how and what independent and private civilian companies wear and do on private property?
      I don’t think so Andy buddy, at least not in this country.
      Of course under your misguided concept you wont be able to swim in you back garden swimming pool unless you are wearing a morning suit and a pink polka dot tie and a yellow blow-up rubber duck with a blue safety kite certificate..

  • I am upset to find the face of the warden was in display for everyone to see. Could have just pursued it formally and/or blurred his face. But, no, have to gather public support and make sure everyone knows who did it. You know this mistake might have just placed this man in danger, right? Even in the comments here they’re calling for him to be sacked and there are worst people out there who see this as an opportunity. He was neither verbally abusive, nor causing physical harm or damaging any property – just doing his job. I can’t say the same for the camera man, who I felt is trying to provoke him. I just can’t agree with the use of public shaming

  • Poor pay, crap training, sero contract a company that wants to make money so pushes the workers to issues tickets. But this is Britain and we always blame the worker.

  • Guy was right to ticket.
    Being on a break does not give you special rights to park on yellow lines.
    Typical NHS over paid and over the top.

    • Anonymous – Paramedics are not under NHS! They are under a different trust e.g. London Ambulance Service or Eastern. Also let’s hope you have never contacted or ever need to contact any of the emergency services.

    • Anonymous- Lets just hope you are never in need of their services.

  • to me it’s not the power trip he was on but more like the % of the ticket cost he would get that would line his own pocket, also can i say that not all NWAS personal have Ambulances and as a volunteer community first responder spending a lot of my free time in my own vehicle on 999 calls i’m now thinking will we be ticketed by these guys across our region. Can i ask for the urgent training they are giving out to parking attendant employees to include all community first responders as part of thee emergency services and not ticket us as well

  • The mere fact that a company has to train a worker to not ticket emergency vehicles says it all. Stop employing scumbags with no morals or understaning of humanity.

  • Typical jumped up little hitler. Not one grain of common sense.

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