A Message From The Men & Women On The Frontline Of The Emergency Services to England Fans: PLEASE DON’T TRASH OUR EQUIPMENT OR ASSAULT OUR COLLEAGUES LATER

  As England prepare to face Croatia in tonights World Cup semi-final, we make a polite plea to England fans NOT to kick off, regardless of the result.

Wednesday 11th July | by Cop(ex) | Connect with us on Twitter |  


Not many people expected that England would make it as far as they have.

I will have to confess to not being a regular watcher of football, but when it comes to the World Cup then thats a different story.

However, fewer people would have expected that some football ‘fans’ would celebrate Englands World Cup success by trashing emergency service vehicles and assaulting our colleagues following Englands win over Sweden.

For those of us who have/do serve in the emergency services/NHS then it makes us slightly nervous when we think about what could happen in tonights game.

During the last few world cups, I was a Copper on a response team in East London. During the matches, the radios would be relatively quiet other than people calling 999 because their neighbours TV’s were ‘too loud’.

But as soon as the matches finished, then all hell would be unleashed with a small proportion of  ‘fans’ beating the hell out of each other, as well as smashing up various ‘objects’ which just happened to be in their way.

And that was without England even making it to the semi-finals!

Most people have seen the images and videos of people acting like buffoons following Englands victory on Saturday.

The video of large crowds stopping Police cars responding to incidents, or the video of the buffoons in Borough Market (London) who thought that a Rapid Response Vehicle would make the perfect stage on which to flash their naked torso’s to the world.


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Lives were put at risk by ‘fans’ getting in the way of emergency vehicles which were on 999 calls – no doubt rushing to help people who were caught up in the ‘celebrations’ which made our country look like the embarrassing neighbours who always take things too far.

Most of our colleagues who will be working tonight during Englands semi-final match will be nervous about what is going to happen should England win or lose.

A small proportion of England ‘fans’ have already proven that they don’t have the emotional intelligence to be able to deal with a win, let alone a defeat.

Don’t get me wrong; if England winning meant that we all had £1,000,000 deposited into our accounts, then I could understand the emotional eruption of feelings.

So, on behalf of the men and women working in the emergency services/NHS, I would like to say to my fellow countrymen and women:

regardless of the result tonight, DON’T ACT LIKE A T__T !

If you see an emergency vehicle responding to an incident on blue lights, then please don’t stand in its way whilst beating the windows and shouting “its coming home” (assuming we win of course).

Conversely, if we don’t win, then don’t start lobbing bottles at emergency vehicles because then you really do risk having your face plastered all over social media.

Our colleagues in the emergency vehicle will be more focused on potentially putting their lives on the line in order to help someone, rather than pondering as to whether or not “its coming home”.

So just let them crack on with their job unimpeded and perhaps phone your parents instead and shout down the phone to them about ‘it coming home’ if you feel that you really need to tell someone.

And for those of you who cannot control your emotions, then be aware that our team probably WILL be sent the footage of you acting like idiots.


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And we will 100% share the footage so that you can be held accountable for your actions.

The young lady who was filmed jumping up-and-down on the London Ambulance RRV has been found, owing, in part, to the disgust that 99% of decent people felt upon seeing the images.

When we shared the images on Emergency Services Humour, the post reached over 1,000,000 people.

So, if you are tempted to act like an idiot later, before you decide to embark upon your rampage, just remember that someone WILL be filming you.

And then ponder the fact that pages like ours WILL share the footage with our huge audiences so the chances are, that you will get caught.

But why not instead just ENJOY the game WITHOUT acting like a buffoon?

If we win, then great.

If we don’t win, then please remember that the planet WILL keep spinning and that we will have another shot in four years time.

And if you are one of the many millions of TRUE England fans who can  control your emotions and you happen to spot someone acting like a twatbadger, then send the footage into us and we will share it

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  1. Rugby fans don’t behave in this way. Just act like responsible English men and women. Behave yourselves.

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