EXCLUSIVE: We Hear From A Close Family Member of The Paramedic Whose Vehicle Was TRASHED In Borough Market Following The England Win

Some of the details and circumstances of the incident are cleared up by a close family member of the Rapid Response Vehicle Paramedic

Monday 9th July | by Cop(ex) | Connect with us on Twitter |  

Most people have now heard about the idiots who thought that the best way to celebrate Englands victory over Sweden on Saturday was to trash a London Ambulance Service (LAS) Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV).

For our civilians readers who may not know, a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) is often the first emergency ambulance on-scene at life-or-death calls.

If you have ever needed the urgent help of any of the Ambulance services, then chances are that it might have been an RRV that would have been sent to your location if you needed urgent life-saving care.

So the absolute idiots who trashed the LAS RRV really DID put lives at risk via their stupid, pathetic and mindless actions and in doing so, bought shame to the victory of the England football team in the quarter finals of the World Cup.

A close family member of the LAS paramedic whose vehicle was trashed, contacted our team via our website in order to share some of the actual details surrounding the incident which the civilian press do not know about.

They told our team: “Hi there, my _____ was the paramedic who’s car was trashed by the England “fans”.

“She is a bit shaken up by the whole thing but is totalling unscathed. She wanted to clarify a few things.


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“She wasn’t in the vehicle when it was damaged.

“She had been flagged down and was treating a male with a head injury caused by another “fan” throwing a barstool during the drunken celebrations.

“The damage to the car deprived the male of immediate medical attention as most of her kit was in the car, surrounded by drunken idiots who were cheering each other on to trash the car.

“She had to walk the male to a bridge nearby as it was the only safe place.

“The ambulance that came to assist was delayed by more “fans” blocking the road and could only get to her after the police closed the road.

“Many thanks for helping get this story out. Our main hope is that win or lose against Croatia, the genuine fans will help to keep the oxygen thieves in check”.

Since the incident, that has caused a national outrage, the Millwall Supporters’ Club has started a crowdfunding page in order to help towards the cost of the extensive repairs which will now need to be carried out on the RRV.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 09.24.57

A statement released by the Millwall supporters Club said:

“At the Millwall Supporters Club we think it is very important to help our local community, so we want to help to raise funds to help with the repair of an emergency response vehicle that was damaged after the England v Sweden game in the World Cup 2018 Quarter Final,” the page said.

“We are very grateful for any donations and support you can offer. If the insurance company pays for the repairs, all monies raised will be donated to the Local Ambulance Service whose vehicle has sustained this damage.”

Our source added further:

“The irony is that a Millwall FC cross of St George sticker was stuck to _____ car by the “fans” during the damage.

“It doesn’t detract from the sentiment from genuine fans but it would be nice if they (many of whom have offered support and criticised the idiots who caused the damage) would help stop any damage occurring in similar circumstances (Wednesday).

“Apparently most of the genuine fans were appalled by the actions of the 5 or 6 individuals who caused the damage.

“One look at the pictures and CCTV does not show any appalled faces or show any effort to stop the moronic behaviour.

“My ______ said that the crowd were egging them on.

“As a serving police officer I realise that we can become targets for people and terrorists.

“We sort of expect it. Our green (and red) buddies don’t. Their primary role is to help people and save life.

“If society turns on the best of us, what hope is there.

“Football isn’t coming home to a society like that, it’d be too embarrassed.”

Following some of the scenes of ‘celebration’ which have come to light following Englands win, many people have stated on social media that they hope that England do not progress any further in the tournament, as they are worried about on-going disorder.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 09.09.55

Another Facebook page, ‘Supporters of The Emergency Services‘ shared a video of a Police vehicle that was responding to an incident on blue lights in Middlesborough, only to be stopped in its tracks and surrounded by a large group.

The group can be seen banging and hitting the Police car as it tries to make its way to an emergency call.

The video has been view nearly 250,000 times, with thousands of people leaving passionate comments in support of the emergency services and condemning the actions of crowd.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 09.37.58

The emergency services are expected to be on high alert for Englands next game against Croatia on Wednesday and not just because of the potential fall-out from getting knocked out of the World Cup.

The vile behaviour of individuals even when England have progressed through the various rounds of the World Cup have left an air of nervousness throughout an stretched emergency services that has been subjected to savage and brutal cutbacks.

This week especially will probably see a massive amount of stress being put on London’s emergency services, as Englands next match also coincides with a visit from US President Donald Trump.

SURELY the individuals who saw fit to cut the resources and funding to the emergency services must now be sat wondering how on earth anyone with ANY ounce of common sense could ever possibly think that CUTTING the budgets of the emergency services was in ANY way a ‘good’ idea?

If you are going to watch the England match on Wednesday, then please understand that whether we win or not, the footballers will STILL be paid millions of pounds each year so there is no need to get upset or concerned over their welfare.

And, no, the World is NOT going to end because we MIGHT not win the match and if we DO win then should you decide to act like an idiot, then YOU will be bringing shame on our Country.

If you cannot control your own emotions following the match, then do yourself, and everyone else a favour and stay at your home address to watch the match.

If you feel that your emotions are going to get the better of you, then maybe consider laying off the booze if you can’t handle your drink – that way, our emergency services won’t have to waste their time sorting your life out for you.

Just enjoy the match and don’t act like a fool.

Because there will be plenty of decent people out there who will be celebrating and who will be ready to film your pathetic behaviour (should you decided to act like a moron) ready to share on social media.

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