Arsonists starting NEW wildfires spotted by police helicopter as the emergency services DIG TRENCHES to try and protect homes

As the wildfires rages on, homes and properties are now at risk from the spreading flames

Monday 2nd July | by Cop(ex) | 


Helicopter pilots involved in the fight against the spreading wildfires spotted the individuals near Bolton as exhausted Firefighters continue to try and stop the fire that has been spreading for five days now.

Overnight, Fire & Rescue crews launched a “large-scale attack” on the fire which is now reported to be threatening nearby properties around Winter Hill, Bolton.

Emergency Services personnel spotted several people deliberately starting new fires in the dry grass near to Healey Nab, Greater Manchester.

In one instance, the Pilot of a Civilian Helicopter, commissioned by the emergency services in to help try and stop the fire, saw individuals starting new fires in quick succession of one-another.

Tony Crook from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service told Sky News: “As they’ve been trying to extinguish the fire, people have been seen lighting other grass fires in the vicinity.

“Police are now attending the scene, to try to apprehend those arsonists. It absolutely astounds me.”

A 22-year-old man, from Bolton, was arrested on 29 June on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life, and has since been released under investigation.

If found guilty, those convicted in Court under the charge of  arson with intent to endanger life can face life imprisonment upon indictment.

Firefighters had already spent five days tackling the huge moor fire near Manchester when two new fires broke out on Thursday, and a third on Sunday.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that it has increased the number of fire engines at the scene from 17 to 22 in an attempt to try and bring the wildfire under control.

The army has been called in to assist fire crews owing to fears that the wildfires could spread at a faster rate because of the recent spell of dry, hot weather.

Paul Etches, Head of Prevention at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, has warned that the moorland fires were “not going away” and will need “many more days of intense sweat and effort” to extinguish them.

“Our firefighters are tired but optimistic that we continue to make good progress,” he said.

It has been reported that Fire brigades from all over the country, including Nottinghamshire, Humberside , Tyne and Wear and Warwickshire have been mobilised to the North-East in order to help with the effort.

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