Driver Stopped By The Police With ENTIRE CONTENTS OF HER HOUSE Packed Into Her Tiny Car

Motorists Dialled 999 After Seeing The Elderly Driver Struggle to Keep Control Of Her Vehicle.

Monday 2nd July | by Cop(ex) | 

An elderly woman, who crammed the entire contents of her house into her vehicle, was stopped by the Police as she drove erratically along the M25 near Reigate, Surrey.

The Lady was stopped by the Officers from Surreys’ Road Policing Unit on Thursday 28th June, after numerous reports from concerned members of the public about her erratic driving.

The woman was not wearing her glasses at the time of driving, despite being required to do so by the DVLA, as she drove her small vehicle along one of the UK’s busiest motorways.

After being stopped by the Police, it transpired that the female was moving house and had managed to cram ALL of her personal belongings into the vehicle before setting off on her journey.

‘Surrey Live’ published the photo of the Lady’s vehicle that was shared on a Police Twitter account, which then prompted Surrey Police to give a bit more of an explanation behind the circumstances regarding state of the vehicle.

A Roads Policing Officer from Surrey told ‘Surrey Live’:

“The driver appreciated it was not acceptable to have that many items in the front and only did it to move all the items in one go.

“The majority of items within the driver’s area came from the fact we were trying to find their driving licence which was under the articles on the front passenger seat.”

The spokesman from Surrey Police also discussed how officers dealt with warning the driver about the state of her vehicle in relation to its contents obstructing her view of the road.

He said: “The driver was warned regarding visibility and safe carriage of goods.

“The drivers and front passenger area were cleared and made safe to enable the driver to continue home, which was a short distance from where stopped.

“The driver appreciated it was not acceptable to have that many items in the front and only did it to move all the items in one go.

“There were no welfare or health concerns for the driver. However, officers will conduct follow up enquiries to check that this was a one off incident.”

It is not known as to how the move went….


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