Medics to be issued with BODY CAMERAS in new pilot scheme announced today

A pilot scheme will see 465 emergency ambulance crews issued with body worn cameras

Sunday 1st July | by Cop(ex)  

It has been announced by the Health Secretary that Medics on the front line are to now be issued with body cameras in a move aimed at trying to protect them from violent and abusive patients.

Politicians have stated that the introduction of body worn cameras to medics will help to prevent crimes against medics and bring their abusers to justice.

They have said that the body worn cameras are a wider package of support being introduced to health care professionals, including quicker access to mental health support organisations.

In the pilot scheme announced today, 465 emergency ambulances and their crews will be equipped with the body worn cameras.

If the scheme is deemed to be a ‘success’ then a full rollout could be on the cards.

1-in-7 NHS staff has experienced physical violence from patients or from the family members of patients in the last year alone.

However, only 354 prosecutions have been brought against individuals despite this high number of assaults/abuse.

Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

“Nobody should feel unsafe at work – abuse against healthcare workers goes against everything the NHS stands for.

Whilst the buck must stop with abusers, we want to do everything we can to prevent physical and verbal abuse. Issuing paramedics with body cameras will help protect them and increase prosecutions.”

The latest figures to be published show that there were 56,435 physical assaults on NHS staff in 2016/17, up almost 10% cent from 51,447 the year before.

The numbers related to 181 out of 244 NHS trusts which responded to Freedom of Information requests by Health Service Journal, meaning the true figure could be much higher.

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