Cop who shared a picture of a DETECTIVES PENIS with her colleagues keeps her job after MISCONDUCT hearing

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PC thought that she was being sent a picture of a cake, but ended up being sent a picture of a penis instead


A Hull-based long-serving Police Officer has kept her job on the #ThinBlueLine after showing a picture of a colleagues penis to her colleagues.

PC Katie Jackson ‘startled’ her colleagues after she shared an image that was sent to her by one of her colleagues of his penis back in September 2016, whilst PC Jackson was stationed in Goole.

PC Rachel Eyre said that she was shown the ‘rude’ picture by PC Jackson when the pair were out for a coffee.

PC Eyre, however, stated that the picture was “thrust into her face” by PC Jackson and was said to be left feeling ‘shocked’ and ’embarrassed’ after seeing the image of the penis.

The panel at a two-day misconduct hearing heard that PC Jackson had found the explicit image ‘funny’. The panel also heard that PC Jackson had shown the rude image of the penis to several colleagues, despite being told not to by her supervisors.



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PC Jackson however, denied that this instruction to delete the image was ever made to her and only ended up deleting the image when Professional Standards got involved in the ‘incident’ over one week later.

According to an account made by PC Jackson, she had been expecting an image of a cake to be sent to her by her male colleague.

But she stated that she was ‘shocked’ when she opened the image and was met instead by an image of a penis.

PC Jackson told the hearing: “We were having a Group conversation and i heard the phone ping. I got the picture image through and I had to log into the server and put in my password to see it.

“I expected it to be a picture of a cake because that’s what he usually sends me. I then opened it and it wasn’t that.”

According to reports on the, PC Jackson showed the image to Sgt Andrew Beadman, who was a friend of the man who sent the picture.

He apparently told PC Jackson not to show the picture to anyone else, but PC Jackson says she did not receive this bit of ‘advice’ from him.

PC Jackson did not make a formal complaint about the picture and claimed that it was not the first time that the sender had sent this sort of image to her.

PC Jackson said: “there has been texts of a sexual nature between us before. I told him it was inappropriate and not to message me again. I just wanted him to pack it in and grow up”.

“I admit I showed the image. I’ve never denied that from day one and I am apologetic I was not told not to show the image until after I did – otherwise I would not have done.

“After I saw a Detective Inspector next week and Professional Standards got involved I deleted the image from my phone so I didnt have it.

“I wouldn’t have had it if he didn’t send it but I shouldn’t have done it. As soon as I was served the paperwork I said I was sorry.

“I do everything by the book but I made a mistake and I admit that.”


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On Tuesday the panel hearing the misconduct session concluded that PC Jackson’s behaviour in showing the image of her colleague’s penis was “misconduct”.

PC Jackson was given a final written warning for sharing the explicit image.

After the hearing, Det Supt Matthew Baldwin told the Hull Daily Mail: “We and the public we serve rightly expect our officers to display the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and respect – whether they are out on duty or with their colleagues – and these expectations have not been met by PC Jackson.

“Her actions were not acceptable and as soon as the allegations came to light we carried out a full investigation into the circumstances.

“Her decision to share an explicit picture of a colleague with other colleagues – after being told not to do so – showed a lack of respect and courtesy to the people she was working with.

“Our Professional Standards Department must uphold the standards of professional behaviour of both officers and staff. This work is vital in contributing to the values of the organisation, its culture and behaviours.”


Personally, I do not understand why you would ever need the advice of a Supervisor when deciding as to whether or not to show an image of a penis that had been sent to you with your colleagues?

Surely, the default position should be ‘don’t share’ it?

I have never sent a picture of my penis to anyone, but if I did, then I would probably expect that it might be shared by the ‘lucky’ person receiving such an image (assuming that they had enough memory left on their phone needed to download such a huge file).

I also think that if a male colleague showed a picture that he had been sent of female ‘privates’ then, assuming that I was ‘shocked’ by such an image, then I wouldn’t end up ‘reporting’ the individual who shared the image with me.

Thankfully, however, common sense has prevailed in this case, and PC Jackson hasn’t lost her job over such an, in my own opinion, trivial case of back-canteen banter.

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