Convicted DRUG DEALER taunts Cops with his ‘how to flee UK guide’ shared on social media

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Sam Walker a convicted drug dealer, on the run from the Cops, films himself on camera saying: “better luck next time” as he arrives in Sierra Leone


After travelling more than 5,000 miles, a beaming ‘gangster’ taunted UK Cops with his ‘idiots guide’ of how to flee the UK.

Sam Walker, a convicted drug dealer from Liverpool, took the p__s out of Cops by saying on camera: “”Better luck trying to catch me when I go out of the country next time, Merseyside Police.”

The wrong’un, who has managed to notch up over 100 convictions, fled to Sierra Leone, located on the west coast of Africa, after paying for fresh water pipes and tanks to be fitted in the country’s capital of Freetown.

Walker had claimed that he faced being jailed in the UK for going on the run after being given a court date for breaking an alleged driving ban.


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His short video, shared with his pals on Snapchat and Instagram, was called: “how to get out of the UK when you’re wanted by the Police. Can’t use an airport cos they will nick you.”

His footage showed him flying in an unknown private aircraft from the UK to Belgium.

He then continues on his private flight to Spain, before climbing aboard a boat for a 14 hour ‘voyage’ to Morocco.

Walker then is driven across Africa for in excess of three days to Guinea before being taken to the war-torn town of Freetown in Sierra Leone.

Walker, whose grandfather was from the West African country of Sierra Leone, claims he was forced to evade UK Cops as a court date that he had been given ‘clashed’ with the departure of a shipping container from the UK filled with ‘charity donations’.

Whilst in Sierra Leone, he has reportedly enjoyed some ‘down time’ with Mohammed Juldeh Jallow, who is the vice-president of Sierra Leone.

In his ‘film’, Walker tries to justify his actions by stating: “I was in a Catch-22″.

“I had to fulfil my promise to the people in the slums, knowing full well that when am caught I will get the maximum sentence of four months in jail plus two months for missing my court date”.

“But to me the people were more important. The court date could wait. Sometimes in life you have to do the wrong thing in the eyes of the law in order to do the right thing.”


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Walker claims to have spent ‘thousands’ installing fresh water pipes in the mineral-rich country, in order to try and provide sanitation to the residents of local ‘slums’ after he saw “men, women and children dying”.

Walker went on to say that:

“I managed to convince them to start fitting a fresh water line for them and I paid for it there and then to make sure it was 100% being done.

They have installed a 5,000 litre water tank in the slums so no woman or child has to ever drink dirty water again.”

Despite Walkers charitable endeavours, he denies that he is a ‘changed person’ because of his efforts in Sierra Leone.

He admitted:

“I have not just woke up and changed overnight. I am still the same person and still do what I do.

But that does not mean I can’t help the people who need it and give them a voice.

I know when I come back to the UK I will be arrested at the airport and put straight in jail.

“I can deal with that knowing that I have fulfilled my promise to the people in the slums by giving them a container full of toys, clothes and food and given them fresh clean water so no man, woman or child ever has to risk their lives by drinking dirty sewage water again.”

Talking about this ‘work’ in Sierra Leone, he also add that:

“My three year goal is to do something unprecedented and knock the slums down and rebuild it for the people – get them all a trade so they can better themselves and give them opportunities in life which they have not got at the moment.”

Walker 1

A picture of Walker taken from his social media account


Whilst anyone willing to help people less fortunate than themselves is a good thing, something tells me that Walker’s days of freedom are limited…

Most people who end up going on the run, at some point, end up back in the Country.

Whether it’s because they miss they family, friends and/or way of life, or because the long arm of the law eventually catches up with them.

I have been to Sierra Leone when I served in the Armed Forces during the civil war in 1999 and can 100% say that the residents of Free Town need as much help as they can get, despite the savage and brutal civil war ending nearly 20 years ago.

But surely Walker would have been better of doing his time and then carrying on his charitable work without having to worry about the Police tracking him down?

And lets face it, goading the Police publically on social media is never going to help your ’cause’.


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