PRO-POLICE social media groups CLOSE RANKS on LUSH after distasteful ‘ANTI POLICE’ Campaign


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New #FlushLush campaign inspired by badly-thought-out anti-Police sentiment adopted by Lush Cosmetics


I will admit to having previous purchased ridiculously over-priced Bath Bombs from Lush, having been caught-short for gift ideas around the Christmas period on a number of unfortunately occasions.

My wallet is still trying to recover.

I have also previously served on the #ThinBlueLine, as well as my ‘better-half’ and (too) many of my family members also having served, or still serving, in the Police.

But, upon logging on to my computer this morning, it took me about 0.3 seconds to decide NEVER to shop at LUSH again (cue inspiration for alternative over-priced pungent smelling soap).



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(the profanities, for the purpose of this advert, have been blurred out. The blurring is not on the actual mugs)



And the reason for this decision is simple:

Lush now appears to have taken on the ‘responsibility’ of pushing distasteful Political messages rather than sticking to what they (used) to do best: selling overpriced soap and bath bombs.

In their utterly incomprehensible stance, they have taken it upon themselves to accuse the tens of thousands of BRAVE men and women on the #ThinBlueLine of being “paid to lie” and of “spying” on innocent people.

This ‘message’ and ‘call for action’ against the Police is based on events which occurred before many Police Officers were even born, let alone in the Police Force.

Pretty much EVERY pro-emergency services Group on social media has now closed ranks against Lush in order to condemn the Poole-based company of being “anti-Police” and of smearing the reputation of Police Officers.

But their anti-Police sentiment appears to have back-fired in an epic way.



A post published by a popular pro-Police Facebook page ‘UK Cop Humour’ has been shared close to 6,000 times since sharing the story just under 24 hours ago.

Thousands upon thousands of people have commented on the thread, heaping praise on the Police and berating the decision of Lush to take a perceived “anti-Police” sentiment during a time when the security services are facing tough working conditions against a backdrop of a very real and very heightened threat from terrorism.

The ‘campaign’ was supposed to call ‘attention’ to Lush’s claims of “intrusive, abusive, political policing” amid an on-going public enquiry into undercover policing in the UK.

But thousands upon thousands of customers and both current and former Police Officers have called the campaign a “disgrace” as it seems to imply that anyone in the Police is ‘bent’.

Lush, despite the massive backlash, is trying to defend their campaign on Twitter and is denying claims that it is “anti-police”


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Bullshire ‘Police’ have come up with their own take on Lush’s newly perceived image


Another popular site on Social Media, ‘Bullshire Police’ a fictional and satirical ‘Police Force’ has helped to push the #FlushLush hashtag on Twitter which is starting to trend as the backlash continues to gather pace and momentum.

The ludicrous campaign by Lush includes distasteful window displays in their shops featuring the slogan “paid to lie” accompanied by fake Police cordon tape claiming that Police have ‘crossed the line’.

Lush has attempted to try and push the hashtag “spycops” on social media and has declared that its ‘campaign’ will run until late June.

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Lush’s Facebook page has been inundated with 1 star reviews follow their decision to call upon people to ‘take action’ against the Police. 


Lushs’ Facebook page has been bombarded with 1 star reviews since they launched their campaign on Thursday with over 17,000 people venting their anger at Lush.

Lush appears to be calling for people to “take action” although it is unclear as to what ‘action’ they are referring to.

The campaign by Lush appears to take aim at the now disbanded ‘Special Demonstration Squad’ (Met Police) which was, in part, tasked with monitoring protest groups from the 1960’s to the 1990’s – thats right, nearly 30 YEARS AGO.

The Met was forced to pay out £425,000 to a woman who had a child with a Detective who was, at the time, working undercover in a protest Group that she was a member of.

Lush have also posted an article on their website stating that it has partnered with ‘activists’ to expose undercover officers who claim they infiltrated activist Groups.


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Lush has been trying to justify its campaign on Twitter by saying: “to clear this up, this isnt an anti-police campaign, its to highlight the abuse people face when their lives have been infiltrated by undercover police”.

Now, call me old-fashioned, but the public expect our Police to maintain law and order don’t they?

And if the Police and security services determine that a Group of individuals are intent upon breaking the law, then surely we all expect that such Groups will be monitored?

Anyone with any common sense will conclude that the Police aren’t saying that people are not allowed to protest, or that people are not allowed an opinion.

Its obvious, however, that in order to ensure that peace is upheld, then the Police have a duty to figure out ways and methods of effectively ensuring that such peace is indeed maintained (as far as is reasonably possible).

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Pound Land have seized the moment by pointing out that they sell ‘bath bombs’ for much less than ‘Lush’. Nicely done. 


But that is just my own opinion on the matter – I am sure that you will have yours.

Christine Fulton, whose Police Officer husband Lewis was stabbed to death in Glasgow in June 1994, wrote on Twitter: “As the widow of a Police Officer murdered on duty I am appalled at the campaign by @LushLtd – the Police should be supported and respected.

“Who do Lush call when they have a shoplifter, their staff are abused or their stores broken into? Hang your heads in shame.”



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  1. As an ex copper Lush are out of their depth let them stick to selling crap and stop peddling crap
    I put my life on the line many times in 30 years

  2. OF COURSE bad things happen in the force, but in no way can you tar everyone with the same brush. They’re here for the greater good on the whole.

    Might I refer you to Rituals Cosmetics in the meantime… They’re AMAZING! Totally addicted.

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