Police Officer found NOT GUILTY of assaulting ‘race relations advisor’. But STILL faces gross misconduct hearing

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A Police Officer who has been dragged through the Courts, now faces a disciplinary hearing initiated by the ‘Independent Office for Police Conduct’


A Police Officer who has been cleared of assaulting a former race relations advisor with a Taser after he refused to comply with their legal request for information regarding  his identity, STILL faces a long and protracted gross misconduct hearing.

PC Boddie has consistently denied any wrongdoing after a video that was filmed by a member of the ‘College of Professional Bystanders’ (a fictional organisation & term used when describing someone who believes that they know how to police better than the police) went viral.

Despite the Officer being found not guilty of assault by Deputy Chief Magistrate Tanweer Ikram, PC Boddie will now have to convince a gross misconduct hearing, held by the Independent Officer for Police Conduct, of her innocence

This follows another decision by the IOPC to pursue an Officer cleared of any wrong-doing following the death of a man involved in the attempted break out of a prisoner in North London


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The incident involving the Taser occurred in Easton in Jan 2017 and infuriated a small number of people in Bristol at the time, leading to a campaign called ‘Justice for Judah’ where individuals, the majority of whom did not witness the event in question, called for PC Boddie to be prosecuted for doing her job.

Mr Adunbi who, despite being the Forces’ former race relations advisor, displayed aggressive anti-police sentiment during the stop, at one point trying to shut a gate in the face of one of the Officers.

On several occasions during the incident, he goaded the Police who were trying to explain to Adunbi why they wanted to speak with him.

Police initially wanted to speak to Adunbi in order to double check who he was, so that they could be sure that he was not a male who was, at the time, wanted by the Police.

In effect, all Adunbi needed to do was confirm his identity with the Police Officers who were just doing their job. But instead, he became aggressive towards the Police and refused to comply with their lawful requests.

Adunbi was arrested following the incident for assault on Police, but the charges were later dropped after ‘professional bystander’ Thomas Cherry caught only a part of the incident on his mobile phone.

However, the small part of the incident filmed by bystander Cherry went viral.


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Catrin Evans, the IOPC Director with responsibility for Avon and Somerset, said: “The IOPC carried out a thorough investigation into the use of Taser which led to the Crown Prosecution Service decision to prosecute PC Boddie [later found not to be guilty].

“We have found that PC Boddie also has a case to answer for gross misconduct. Disciplinary proceedings are currently under consideration between the force and the IOPC.”

The investigation, which finished in June 2017, considered the actions of two officers, including the circumstances leading up to Mr Adunbi’s arrest and the use of the Taser by Boddie.

Both PC Boddie and a second officer involved had no case to answer for misconduct in respect of allegations that they discriminated against Mr Adunbi on the basis of his race…

Despite these findings however and the not guilty verdict, it would appear that the Independent Office for Police Conduct is still intent on trying to ruin the career of the PC Boddie.

As has already been stated, all Adunbi needed to do, was confirm his identity with the Police – something that any reasonable person would surely do if the Police thought that they might be someone who has been circulated as being wanted, based on a description that would have been providing during a pre-shift briefing?

But instead, Adunbi REFUSED to provide his details to the two Officers.

What are the Police supposed to do?

Each time they see someone who matches the description of a suspect, just let them walk away without confirming that they are not the person the police are looking for?

What a ridiculous position to have to put the Police in. You either want the Police to do their job, or you dont.

I have seen the video, and it is clear to me, in my own opinion, that Adunbi was acting aggressive towards the Officers who were being more than reasonable with him.

Surely Adunbi would/should have understood the difficult and complicated challenges of Policing if he had previously been appointed as a Police race relations advisor?

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cullen said : “A District Judge has cleared an officer of assaulting a member of the public with a Taser in Bristol in January 2017.

“As a result of today’s judgment, we will now work with the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) on the misconduct process.

“As this process needs to be line with national and force protocols, it may be several weeks before a final decision is made.

“While we are limited in what we can say while these proceedings are ongoing, to ensure they are conducted fairly and without prejudice, we do want to acknowledge the deep and genuine concerns this incident has raised in some of our communities.

“We want to be open and transparent about our use of powers, including use of Taser, so communities trust us to use them appropriately and lawfully. This also means having processes in place to independently scrutinise how we use them.

“There are always lessons to be learned and we haven’t waited for the outcome of this case to take positive action.

Morale in the Police is incredibly low.

Not that anyone seems to care, but there is a reason as to why loads of expereinced Police Officers are leaving the Force in their droves, as has been highlighted in a recent blog that we shared  written by a former Police Officer and a in a YouTube video made by another former Officer.

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  • So angry, it’s plain to realise the officers have nothing to answer for, yet spoiling good officers credit and waisting public money seems to be right, this should never have got this far, 😠

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