Paramedic backlash after two women SPARED jail following a SAVAGE assault on their colleague

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Medics left seething after criminals who broke their colleagues foot during a savage assault are SPARRED jail!


Paramedics across Australia are protesting after two women managed to avoid a prison sentence for a callous, vicious and savage assault on a 40-year veteran Paramedic.

Amanda Warren, 33, and Caris Underwood, 20, had the custodial sentences they received for assaulting paramedic Paul Judd in 2016 QUASHED on appeal by Victoria County Court Judge Ms Barbara Cotterell.

The dishevelled pair, pictured gloating as they walked free from court (pic credit APP), had originally been sentenced to six months imprisonment.

But Judge Cotterell said their ‘difficult childhoods‘ and young families meant the minimum 6-month term SHOULD NOT APPLY!


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Lets just let that sink in for a minute…

Because these two oxygen thief’s had a ‘tough’ upbringing, this Judge feels that, despite the fact that they broke the bones of a paramedic, then they should NOT go to jail?

What sort of nonsense is this!?

MOST people have had a tough upbringing, myself included, but does that mean that any disgusting and vile behaviour later on in life should be ‘excused’!? Of course it doesn’t! What is this ‘Judge’ actually on!?

These two numpties haven’t had a bitch fight down the local pub – they assaulted a paramedic – someone who is sworn in by the State to protect and save the lives of the general public.

Well, what about the safety of Paramedics!?

What sort of ridiculous message does this now send out to anyone who has had a ‘tough’ upbringing!?

That you are free to act like a total ***t without fear of punishment? That your vile behaviour will be ‘excused’ because you had a tough upbringing?


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The real victim here, Mr Judd, broke down as he was told the pair would avoid jail.

He told 9 News: “in one word, probably injustice – I just feel that justice hasn’t been done” he said.

After the utterly ridiculous decision, fellow medics across Australia have expressed their disgust and outrage.

Several Ambulances have been spray-painted with the phrase: “its never ok to assault a Paramedic”, with the images being shared all over social media using the hashtag: #ItsNeverOkay.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy took to Twitter and said: “thoughts are with all of our paramedics and their families”.

“Its never ok to harm a paramedic. Devastating needs changing and will” Ms Hennessy said.

Paramedics, the world over, do not need “thoughts and prayers” !!! THEY NEED JUSTICE!!

Judge Cotterell went on the record and said that she did not think that Warren or Underwood were “suitable vehicles” for general deterrence and said the ‘difficult’ childhoods had constituted “special reasons”.

One of the cretins gives the ‘single finger’ salute to media.

Well, Ms Cotterell, your naivety has now made it ‘ok’ for anyone who has had a difficult childhood, to take it out on emergency services personnel!

What an utterly ridiculous position to take, and what an utterly vile message you are sending out to the brave men and women who risk their lives to save the lives of others.

The self-serving, unapologetic miscreants that have, in effect, got away with their vile and disgusting behaviour were seen LAUGHING and JOKING as they walked away from Court.

Details about the women’s past cannot be published for legal reasons, but judge Cotterell found Warren suffered from a ‘mental illness’ and had ‘impaired mental function’.

She also said Underwood, who was 18 at the time of the assault, had a ‘lowered psychosocial immaturity’ linked to her traumatic childhood.

If thats the case then, surely these two individuals are NOT FIT to bring up a child? Being one of the reasons as to why a custodial sentence was overturned.

The duo were both drunk when they savagely set upon Paramedic Judd in Reservoir in 2016, who was trying to save the life of a drug-affected patient at the time of the assault.

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We Tweeted the Aussie PM and one of his colleagues

Mr Judd wiped away tears as another paramedic comforted him whilst in court, while colleague Chenaye Bentley, who witnessed the attack, sat next to him.

The victim was repeatedly punched and left with a broken foot while he and a colleague tried to treat an unconscious man at Reservoir on March 31, 2016.

The paramedic of more than 40 years dedicated service required THREE operations and has been unable to return to work since the unprovoked attack.

Judge Cotterell apologised to Mr Judd after re-sentencing Warren to a three-year community corrections order, while Underwood was given a two-year order.

“I’m really sorry and can see that you are badly affected,” she told him.

“I just want to say I wish there was more I could do for you.

“I can tell that you are suffering and feel that a great injustice has been done.”

A petition has been started, in order to get this ridiculous decision overturned. You can sign it, by following this link —>

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