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Apparently, the numpty who left this note will decide as to whether or not your call is an ACTUAL Emergency!


The strange, odd and unnecessary habit of peculiar people leaving handwritten notes on emergency vehicles, seems to have taken a turn for the worse. YET AGAIN!

Some numpties are now ‘deciding’ as to whether or not the call that you are on, is or isn’t an emergency as one ambulance crew found out to their dismay upon returning to their ambulance after treating their patient.

The bizarre note read simply ‘no emrgency‘ with the word ’emergency’ being spelt as if it had been written by a 5-year old.

Although, to be fair, most 5-year olds can actually spell the word ’emergency’ whereas this numpty clearly could not.

We spoke to the crew who found this note after they messaged us via our website and they informed us that after they had just finished dealing with a patient at a residential address when they then returned to their vehicle, only to find that this note that had been left on the wing mirror of their emergency ambulance.


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Silly notes such as these, are normally left on the windscreens of emergency vehicles by the strange breed of citizen who only emerges from the rock under which they dwell, in order to leave a note, before running off back into the shadows.

But perhaps our coverage of this strange phenomenon has meant that the mystery note leavers have decided to change their tactics?

Maybe they think that instead of leaving prominent messages on the windscreens of emergency vehicles, leaving them on a less conspicuous part of the vehicle is in some way more ‘acceptable’?

The Medics who found this particular note, who wish to remain anonymous, told us that they had parked their ambulance in front of a residential drive, but that they had specifically left enough space so that even the most incompetent of drivers could squeeze through the gap.

Clearly though, the person that left this note is one of the special order of numpties who should not be on the road in the first place, because they clearly weren’t able to muster enough intellect to drive through the gap which had been left by the Ambulance crew.


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We asked the Medic who found the note, how it made them feel upon finding it:

They said: “Well …a bit annoyed but in the same time they made me laugh as they can decide for us the level of emergency / non emergency“.

According to our informant, the ambulance had been parked in an affluent area of London. You would have thought that with wealth, comes common sense. But such hope is clearly misguided in cases such as these.

You only have to read some of our previous articles to understand that the habit of leaving notes on emergency vehicles seems to not be letting up.

And ALL emergency vehicles seems to be ‘fair game’ to the strange people who do not have the courage to speak in person to the crews.

We reported only recently about a Police Officer who found a note on his vehicle that insisted that the Police should be out looking for the note-leavers missing cat rather than stopping for a quick ten minute break.

And then there are the Firefighters who came back to their fire engine, only to find a parking ticket had been left on their windscreen (we class the sort of individual who would leave a parking ticket on an emergency vehicle in the same category as those who leave hand written notes).

We were later contacted by the author of the ‘find my cat’ note that was left on a Metropolitan Police vehicle and we shared the details of the Messenger conversation that we had with them via our popular fortnightly subscriber-only satirical digital magazine.

The ‘conversation’ gave us a very telling insight into the peculiar mind of the sort of individual who takes the time to write a note and then leave such a note on an emergency vehicle.

Needless to say, that the author of this new ‘no emergency’ note will be officially ‘recognised’ for their act of foolishness in the next issue of our digital magazine under the suitable titled ‘C__kwomble’ awards section.


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