Notice to Parking Wardens: When you see a FIRE ENGINE on the streets, it will ALWAYS be on ‘official duty’

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Local Council revokes a parking ticket issued to Fire Service, conceding that they were on ‘official duty’


Back on the 4th May, a ‘Civil Enforcement Officer’ working for Mid Sussex District Council just happened to see a big red fire engine parked up in a bay that is designated for the emergency services.

Maybe the ‘Enforcement Officer’ thought that perhaps the big red fire engine, with blue lights and-all was one of those ‘hen party’ fire engines?

However. for reasons known only to the Civil Enforcement Officer, he/she felt that it would be a great idea to issue the Fire Service with a fixed penalty notice. After all, whats wrong with one local authority fining another one? Makes perfect sense, right?

Its bad enough already that our cash-strapped emergency services have to plead with local authorities for more money, let alone the fact that the same local authorities are willing to take that money back from the emergency services in the way of fines!


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It subsequently  turned out that the crew of the fire engine were doing some physical training in a local gym.

Now, those with no common sense or understanding of the emergency services will now probably think ‘hang on, they were in a gym, wtf!?’

However, when you are expecting men and women to run into burning buildings in order to rescue people of all shapes and sizes, then you would quite rightly hope that the brave men and women who will save your arse, will also be fit enough to carry your arse out of danger.

And most people understand that in order to keep fit, you need to exercise.

At the time, the Firefighters based at East Grinstead fire station were using the gym as their own one was shut for maintenance (see below)

What the Civil Enforcement Officer seems not to have comprehended, is that the crew were still on duty! Its not as if Firefighters are allowed to take fire engines out on a jolly when they are not at work! So what did the enforcement officer actually think they were doing!?

If a 999 call would have come in, then they were pretty much right next to where the fire engine was parked!

Its really not a hard concept to understand.

Clearly the Civil Enforcement Officer who issued the ticket, felt that the brave men and women on the #ThinRedLine deserved to be met with a bright yellow ticket upon their return.


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On it’s Facebook page, East Grinstead fire station said: “Just a very quick note in response to the viral pictures flying around at the moment that this situation is being dealt with.

“We understand and appreciate everyone has a job to do and that’s how our society works.

“We will always respect this but always challenge professionally when needed.

“At the time our immediate response crew were using fitness facilities in the Atrium as our facility is undertaking maintenance.

“They believed they were parked appropriately and were still able to be on the appliance within 47 seconds for an emergency.”

Councillor Gary Marsh, Mid Sussex District Council’s Cabinet Member for Service Delivery, told press:

“On Friday 4th May one of our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) was patrolling the area of Little King Street in East Grinstead and identified that a fire engine was parked in a bay designated for Police vehicles only.

A PCN was issued. However, since then it has come to our notice that the fire crew were on official duty and we have notified the Fire Service that the ticket will be withdrawn”

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