CCTV Parking enforcement vehicle thinks it’s an AMBULANCE



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This parking enforcement CCTV vehicle clearly subscribes to the notion of ‘do as I say, not as I do’…



The above image was sent into us anonymously via our website earlier on today.

It clearly shows what is believed to be a parking enforcement vehicle that has decided to park in a marked ambulance bay, directly in front of the massive ‘ambulance’ markings!

For those of you who may not know, these annoying CCTV enforcement vehicles drive around the streets hunting down motorists who may have inadvertently parked somewhere they shouldn’t have done – even if its just for 30 seconds to pick the mother-in-law up from outside of Iceland.

And the financial penalty for such an error?

Well, usually you are relieved of at least £60 which will often go up to £120 if you cannot afford to pay the parking fine in the first 14 days.


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However, it appears that the vehicles which are enforcing these over-bearing parking restrictions do not have to abide by these rules themselves! They clearly can (and do) park wherever they want.

The image of the CCTV enforcement vehicle parking in a marked ambulance bay will no doubt p__s off not only Ambulance crews who would have had to try and find an alternative spot whilst at Newham Hospital in East London, but it will probably also annoy anyone who has ever had to stump up £60 for daring to park somewhere they shouldn’t have done.

Personally, I think that the company operating these vehicles, assuming that it is a private company, should stump up £60 and donate it to one of the many emergency good and worthwhile services charities which are out there.

Its not clear from the photo that was sent into us, as to whether there is anyone in the vehicle or what they were  actually doing in the ambulance bay.

We have tweeted Newham Council (see above), but, as yet, we havent had a reply.


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It wouldn’t actually surprise me if the CCTV enforcement vehicle had been told to park in the clearly marked ambulance bay to make sure that the ambulances aren’t spending longer than they should be in the parking bay!

Or maybe the driver couldn’t of the CCTV enforcement vehicle could not afford the extortionate parking rates which people are now expected to pay for parking when they go to visit a sick loved-one.

Or maybe the driver just wanted a break, and decided that as they are the ‘law’ (when it comes to parking) then they can simply just park where they want.

All of the above is just pure speculation by the way, but cannot be ruled out. We could be wrong, but as I have said, Newham Council (or their Social Media ‘operative’) hasn’t tweeted us back yet.

Credit should also be given for the ability of the driver of the parking enforcement vehicle to get their tiny little car EXACTLY in the middle of the HUGE ambulance bay – that deserves some credit, surely?

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