Man JAILED for 6 months for repeatedly ABUSING paramedic crews



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Medics & Police were repeatedly abused by 57-year old Keith Henderson from Inverness


Inverness Sheriff Court heard that on several occasions, Mr Henderson got a knife as he swore at Ambulance crews and the Police on two separate occasions (20th and 28th of Feb last year) according to report in the The Press and Journal.

In a separate incident on 9th Feb, Police had arrested Henderson after he behaved in an extremely abusive and threatening manner and made inappropriate gestures to reception and security staff at Raigmore Hospital.

During this incident, Henderson also violently smashed a glass panel in the hospital.


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Fiscal depute Ross Carvel said that on June 20th 2017, Henderson had called 999 and requested an ambulance to attended his home address.

Owing to the fact that Henderson was known to be abusive to ambulance crews in the past, Police were also called to attend the location which is often the case when Ambulance crews are called to addresses where the occupants are known to be abusive/violent.

Mr Carvel said: “he swore at the paramedics, sounded a panic alarm before picking up a kitchen knife and tried to push it into his stomach.”

Mr Carvel added that Police Officers had to use their CS spray in order to incapacitate Henderson before he could be subdued.

On both occasions, Henderson turned aggressive after his demands to be conveyed to New Craigs psychiatric hospital were refused, following extreme binge drinking sessions.


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Henderson later admitted to obstructing and hindering emergency services personnel in the course of their duty, behaving in an abusive or threatening manner, malicious damage and failing to appear for an earlier court hearing.

His defence solicitor, Aileen Macinnes, told the Court that her client had genuine mental and physical conditions, aggravated by his alcohol abuse.

Macinnes said: “he has also been diagnosed with a schizoid type disorder”.

Sentencing Henderson to 6 months in prison, Sheriff David Sutherland told Henderson: “these offences have a common theme and they start with you consuming excessive alcohol.

“you have abused the emergency services and put other people at risk. Only a custodial sentence is appropriate.”

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