RESULTS: Which paper did YOU vote as being the MOST likely to publish a negative story about the emergency services?



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Following a poll that we carried out via our popular Facebook page, we can now reveal the papers which YOU have voted as being the most likely to publish a negative story about the #EmergencyServicesFamily


When we thought about carrying out this poll, we did so on the back of being inundated with messages about a ‘certain’ paper that seems to ALWAYS want to pick a fight with the emergency services (we won’t mention any names…)

The motivation and rationale for this odd leaning against the emergency services seems to be a tad odd. Why would anyone want to make a point of berating our emergency services?

Most people understand that the emergency services do an amazing job in the face of what can be extremely tough & highly stressful conditions.  And let us not forget, that our emergency services are expected to now do MORE with LESS.

It does not take a genius to realise that this puts an enormous amount of additional stress on the men and women who are on the front line of the emergency services (and of course the NHS).

I am not talking about certain members (some, but not all) of the ‘senior management team’ who are sat in an office, coming up with the next ridiculous idea that will break the morale of the troops whilst also at the same time ensuring their next promotion.

Take the Sexual Offences Investigation Team in the Metropolitan Police as a prime example:

Morale is this department is at an ALL TIME low.

We hear from our oppos (colleagues) all of the time via our Facebook page, and this department really sticks out as having the lowest morale of any that we have come across based on what our followers keep telling us.

Not only are the Police Officers & Detectives in this department each having to deal with between 25-35 sexual offences crimes, but they have now been told that they have to work an utterly ridiculous & outrageous shift pattern that will mean they end up spending much LESS time with their family & friends – time that is VITAL in maintaining the morale of an over-worked department.

So, as an example, when morale is this low then the impact of constantly reading or hearing about negative stories regarding the emergency services cannot be overestimated.

The last thing you want to see having dealt with a plethora of horrific incidents is a rack of anti-police stories in your local Sainsbury’s as you shop for some  breakfast after just finishing the 12-hour nightshift from hell.


Mug Collage 2




So we thought that we would carry out a poll in order to try and understand which newspapers are perceived by our followers as being the most likely to print a negative story about our oppos.

We then tweeted the Editors of papers concerned (where possible), just to highlight to them that their perceived sentiment is a part of a much wider problem, rather than being a part of the potential solution.

When someone dials 999 because they are experiencing what could be a life-or-death situation, then its only right that they are met with a highly motivated member of the emergency services.

This is why the morale of the emergency services is so important, and cannot be understated, and nor should it be underestimated.

I do not ever remember seeing any reference as to how best keep up the morale of the troops during my days in the Police.

But morale is at the heart of what enables someone to do their job to the best of their ability.

If someone decided to get a Freedom of Information report into the percentage of individuals in the Met Police (as an example, as the Met is the largest Police Force in the UK), then they would be shocked at the number of Officers who are off work due to stress/PTSD related issues.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 11.05.41

Now, we are not naive enough to believe that we can change the editorial stance of any of the papers featured in our poll.

But we hope that maybe, just maybe, when they are faced with the decision as to whether to print a negative story about the emergency services or a positive one, then they might just opt for the latter rather than the former.

The sheer audience size of the emergency services, and its supporters, is HUGE. So why alienate such a large demographic?

We are not saying that the emergency services are perfect. Far from it. But, as with ALL big organisations, the ‘bad apples’ will ALWAYS be outnumbered by the ‘good eggs’.

The problem is, that when the general public only ever read the negative stories stories about the emergency services, then in their subconscience they might start to harbour ill-feeling and resentment towards the emergency services.

This might be one of the reasons as to why some silly individuals think that they have the ‘right’ to leave nasty notes on ambulances about their parking, as the crews battle to save someones life…


Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 09.40.43

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So that is a brief history in relation to the rationale and motivation behind carrying out this poll. Our motivation can be summed up as making a plea to the UK’s largest papers to maybe reconsider their attitude towards the emergency services.

Without the emergency services, then our country would resemble a war zone. During my time in the armed forces, I spent quite a bit of time in places where there was no-one to call for help (if you happened to be a citizen in that country).

We should feel extremely lucky and thankful that we have one of the best emergency services in the world.

Yes, ‘we’ make mistakes. But perfection, in this lifetime, is impossible.






As you can see, the Daily Mail got a whopping 64.5% of the vote!

The next closest was The Sun with 27.9% of the vote, whilst The Observer and The Telegraph did not get any of the votes.

The Times received 0.5% of the vote, whilst the Metro got 1.1% of the vote.

The poll was published on Emergency Services Humour for a period of one week.

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