NHS Worker Needed Seven Stitches After Being Attacked By Gang Of Youths

An unprovoked assault in a supermarket left an NHS worker ‘bleeding profusely’, the Liverpool Echo has reported. 

The gang of youths attacked the radiographer as he made his way to Asda’s to buy some provisions. 

The victim, who works at Arrowe Park Hospital in the North West, said that he hopes those responsible are “disappointed in themselves”. 

He told the Liverpool Echo that “every aspect of the attack was cowardly” and added that the attack on him was completely unprovoked. 

He added:

“I was in shock for a bit afterwards. It was strange because it demonstrated the worst but also the best of people.

“Everyone inside of the Asda at the time were super caring and super supportive. They got me a bottle of water and a towel for the blood; they were super concerned.

“A lot of people in Asda looked as though they were ashamed of these kids in their community because it’s supposed to be the time where we’re coming together.”

The victim said one of the teens punched him in the head “out of nowhere,” in what he believes may have begun as an attempt to take his headphones.

‘Paul’ (not the victim’s real name) said he tried to defend himself against the yobs, but the attacker returned with more yobs.

He said: 

“He keeps on going, but then he rides his back round and comes back.

“I tried to get him off and get the better of him, but then his mates got involved and were hitting me on the side of the head.”

‘Paul’ said he made his way towards Asda, but as he arrived, the store announced it was closing.

The attack continued in the car park outside, and the boys then unscrewed a seat from their bike and used it as a weapon.

He said: “It was almost instinctive for him, he said ‘give me the bike seat’…

“Something in his head knew it could be used as a weapon.

“At this point, I’m trying to back him off by using my hands. I’ve got pretty bad gashes to the back of my hands now, but at the time I thought better my hands than my head.

“He was kind of losing it and backing off, but then one of the others sucker-punched me from behind.”

As this was going on, one of the staff inside of Asda called Paul inside to safety. 

While his back was turned the gang of feral youths threw the bike seat at his head.

He said the gash from his head was “bleeding profusely”.

Paul added: 

“I hope they realise that every aspect of their attack was cowardly, from sucker-punching me, from attacking me as a group, from using a weapon.”

After receiving help from kind Asda workers, Paul was taken to hospital where he received seven stitches.

The injury, he said, would have seen him have to take time away from the NHS if he hadn’t already booked days off.

He said: “I just hope they’re not proud of themselves, and I hope they’re disappointed in what they’ve done.”

Local Police Inspector Tom Welch said: 

“We are aware that there has been an issue in Birkenhead with youths behaving in an anti-social manner, congregating on bikes.

“We have responded to this by putting more officers on patrol in key areas, backed by the Government-funded Operation Target, which has also enabled us to carry out warrants, land searches, stop searches, roadside stops and more”.

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  • Should be locked up like the animals they are. Bet their parents are so proud

  • they wouldn’t do it again if they were caught and birched,tough times tough measures

  • Not only should these thugs be charged with ABH fined a great amount and compensation payed to their victim, the parents should also be charged and fined for the wrong doings of their children, and I think until this happens the parents won’t give a sod what their kids are doing outside the home.its about time parents were held responsible then there will be no change in social disorder of the young

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