‘Your Parking Space’ Offers Free Parking For NHS Staff Across 900 Sites

YourParkingSpace.com is the lastest car parking company to step forward and offer free parking for NHS staff. 

Several days ago, National Car Parks (NCP) confirmed that it would be offering free parking to NHS staff across all of its sites around the UK. 

This offer differs slightly in that you will only be able to take advantage of the free parking if you have an official NHS email address. 

Meanwhile, we are still hearing about NHS staff who are being forced to pay for car parking charges by private companies who manage car parks which are located on NHS grounds. 

We are also getting reports of NHS staff coming back to their vehicles to find that they have been fined by the operators of NHS car parks when, for example, they have offered to stay on shift for several extra hours to help their colleagues in the battle against COVID-19.

If you have been hit with a fine under the aforementioned (or similar) circumstances, or if you are still being forced to pay for parking at your NHS car park, then please email our team at contact@emergency-services-news 

To take advantage of the YourParkingSpace.com offer then visit: yourparkingspace.co.uk/nhs-parking

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