Police Forced To Shut Down Public BBQ Attended By ’20+’ People As Residents Ignore Government’s Rules

It is less than 24 hours since Boris Johnson told the country that people must stay indoors to save lives. 

During his televised address that was watched by more than 27 million people, Mr Johnson also said that public gatherings of more than two people (unless they are from the same household) would also be banned. 

But police in Foleshill, West Midlands, were both dismayed and disappointed when they came across a BBQ that was being held behind some residential garages.

Officers confirmed that over ’20 people’ had to be dispersed from the area after they ignored the government’s advice which is intended to not only save lives but to save the NHS as well. 

A spokesperson for Foleshill Police said:

“Unbelievably, we’ve just had to deal with 20+ people having a BBQ! Please listen to government advice else this will get worse and last longer!!”.

The ban on movement is set to last for three weeks but could be extended unless the rate of transmission of the COVID-19 virus decreases. 

Earlier on today, the UK Government sent a text message to millions of people informing them of the new measures which came into effect today.

The government sent a text message to millions of people informing them of the new rules

As of 23rd March, 335 people had died after becoming infected with the deadly disease. 

For the governments latest advice on the measures which have been introduced to halt the spread of COVID-19, visit: gov.uk/coronavirus

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  • Covidiot’s the world round… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfpeDzcsd1s What chance have we got until some of them and their ‘mates’ catch it and… Probably go round spitting in old peoples faces.

  • Icannot believe that there are idiots out there who still think that they can have joint BBQs and go onholiday for every day when they should be STAYING AT HOME.What idiots are we letting into our country? If they cannot read they should ask their neighbours or the Police what to do.

  • These folk that cannot follow the simple direction that’s put in place to help the NHS, and stop the spread of the virus, should go to the bottom of the list if they get Ill and the hospital doesnt have enough beds!

  • Hadn’t any of them got a back garden?

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