Crowds Of Youths ‘Spit And Cough’ At Emergency Workers Responding To ‘Serious Incident’

As the emergency services continue to try and keep the country safe, over the weekend large crowds of youths showed their ‘appreciation’ for our 999 heroes by ‘coughing’ and ‘spitting’ on them as they dealt with a critical incident on Saturday night. 

PC Rachel Story, of West Yorkshire Police, also claimed that youths on motorbikes threw eggs at officers who were dealing with the incident. 

On her Twitter account, PC Story wrote the crowds were stood “shoulder to shoulder” and spat on the floor.

In a tweet, PC Story said:

“So while scene guarding at a serious incident tonight we were faced with large crowds shoulder to shoulder, spitting on the floor and coughing at us when asking them to move back. 

“Yes coughing then the target of egg throwers on passing motorbikes…. just WHY? no excuse!”

PC Charlotte Nicholls, also of West Yorkshire Police, replied: 

“It was just vile. I had to wash my boots last night when I got home as I couldn’t stop thinking about the amount of spit I’d stood in!!”

Over the weekend, neighbouring North Yorkshire Police were forced to issue a warning to parents asking them to stop children their from gathering in large crowds.

Following the message of support, PC Story tweeted:

“Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for the support & messages, working so I don’t have time to reply to you all personally at the moment. Tyvm. 

“We need everyone to heed advise, pull together, put all differences aside while we fight the invisible threat. It’s real.

“Government advise is there to protect you, others, us & to try & prevent the spread which will undoubtedly affect someone you know at some point. 

“Be respectful of this it’s dangerous it’s going to cost lives, help each other stay at home & minimise the risk. Please!”

Last night, Boris Johnson announced that groups of no more than two people could congregate in public places. Anyone found flouting the rules could face a hefty fine. 

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  • What is wrong with these imbeciles, are they Iinbread or what.
    We must all have respect for our paramedics. I’m so disgusted, angry and sad about this.
    Parents must be very proud or sad.

  • So proud of our emergency service always never mind during these difficult times. Makes me ashamed to call myself English, these youths are an absolute disgrace I hope their parents feel so proud of what they have dragged up.

  • The government should give all emergency service personnel a taser to zap the little inbred twats.
    Throw them in prison for a week for them to reflect on their actions then ship them off to war torn areas around the world to be on the front line and see how long it takes for the gangster to start crying and wishing they weren’t an arsehole and wanting to be hone with mummy….

  • I disagree….
    To me, take them to a ward full of dying people without masks or protective clothing & see how brave the little bastards are then (&, of course, they would then need properly isolating in prison and in solitary confinement)……
    Sounds like a plan?
    We need to severely punish those idiots who are endangering the rest of us: figures show that they will create deaths through spreading this virus…. why not threaten them with a charge of culpable manslaughter – that’s what they’re doing!!!

  • If ever there was a case for euthanasia!

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